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biochar videos from the charchives of the charmaster.

Under Construction 20-1-16

Biochar videos I have made and videos I have  found on Biochar watch and absorb/adsorb

Update: 2014 is going to be a big year for Videos at Biochar project. Please join us on the official you- tube channel and check out all our works.


Biochar videos at Biocharproject.org


Biochar Videos : Tlud Stumpy users guide.


Biochar Videos : Biochar making with the Moxham



Biochar Videos : Biochar Instant Garden trial


Biochar Videos : Biochar Buddies a neat clip I had made from fiverr.



Biochar Videos: Understanding the Moxham



Biochar Video : How to make use of a beginnerchar mk1 Biochar unit
Biochar Videos : Part 1 of seting up the Phoenix Rising

Biochar Video : Drilling the holes.on a beginner char mk 1


Biochar Videos : Mothersday Workshop on the farm on Burringbar biochar


Biochar Video : 3 drum challenge

Biochar Videos : part2 on the 3 drum challenge 3drum

Biochar Video : Part 1 of Avatars Abode Biochar Camp Oven
Biochar Videos : Part 2 Avatars Abode Biochar Camp Stove

Biochar Video : Better Barrel
Charmaster Dolph Cooke has a lot of videos that have not yet made it to public status.
Bookmark this page and check back soon to see the new ones added during Charmaking down times.
Our official utube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/BiocharProject

Once our movie has been released you will see a whole lot of new footage.

If your a social media user please leave comments on our facebook page
biochar the movie

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