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Hill of Abundance

The Hill of Abundance Project is all about creating an abundant food forest designed to model a food security plan for the communities in the Northern Rivers.

The Hill of Abundance is where we apply sustainable, permaculture, biological and organic principles to encourage biodiversity and move towards becoming self sufficient as a community.  We’re converting the monoculture forest and paddocks into native forest full of diversity.   It is the first part of our project and it’s heart.

It’s a 2 hectare hill, adjacent to Biochar Industries headquarters, deep in the Mebbin Plantation at Kunghur.  If you come for a short term visit you will camp on the Hill of Abundance, close to all the action.


The Hill of Abundance is providing food for the people who are coming to join our community. Together we are creating an award winning new paradigm education and industry based community.

The Hill of  Abundance is the heart of our community and our industry.  It’s here that we make the biochar that we sell commercially, and where we create our tlud stoves, grow food, eat and work together.

If you’d like to come and experience Biochar, collaborative community and the Hill of Abundance, contact us here.

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