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Tuesday 13th of July 2010 Charmasters log

Tuesday 13th of July 2010 Charmasters log

Today we awoke down in Brunswick heads after a birthday Bash at the bruns pub we had free hi speed wi fi and I made a couple of updates and answered urgent emails with a nice nachos and a apple struddle and ice cream desert. Havea look how awesome bruns is in the morning .


We sat and stared at this whilst our mobile batteries were recharging and a decadent quinoa breakfast was being prepared. I jumped back on the wifi for a little facebook action and then we headed out to Kungar to setup camp on peter’s land.

What a real nice spot we are at 3000 acres of land with a few clearings here and there and some real nice camp spots.

 Mount warning as seen by Kungar in the Morning

We lazed around most of the day thinking about biochar and Icreated a new fold out camp table on the side of the biocharmobile

then it was time to build the evening fire (my favourite chore) After a real brisk workout came the cold shower what a great idea.

Dinner was pumpkin soup and bread followed by a chai later on and unwinding in front of the fire after I write this blog entry will be the highlight of the day

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