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Social Innovation

Presently researchers tell us that technological innovation is running at least 1,000,000 times the speed of social innovation.  Yes 1 million times the rate and increasing. Social innovation may be defined as new strategies, concepts, ideas and organisations that meet social needs of all kinds – from working conditions and education to community development and health – and that extend and strengthen civil society. This of such great concern to social scientists that we are recommending the urgent introduction of Social Innovation Zones along the lines of Economic Innovation Zones now widely used around the world, esp. in developing nations.  As a part of our commitment to Social Innovation the Australia Biochar Project is piloting several such social innovations including:

1) learning circles,

2) community economy development inc. Social Ventures,

3) hydroponics and

4) self-reliance and bush mechanics all not for profit and tied in with Biochar.

You can find out more about social innovation and these initiatives as well as Biochar Industries from our webstite www.biocharproject.org from the top menu.

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