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World of Biochar

Check out this crazy week of extreme biochar action.

Tuesday up in the hills of Mullumbimby we are going to get together with like minded people to experiment with biochar. If your keen then meet me at the mullum Gardens at 3pm and bring something to share for dinner.

Here are some of the new recruits in the massive biochar army.

Tin Soldiers

Friday and Saturday you can see me at the Murwillumbah Show and Sunday at the UKI eco show.

Come say hi and I will have bulk biochar for sale as well.

This is what happens when a whole town get behind you and your project. What a way to welcome me to town. Good on you Mullumbimby.

Oh yeah Biochar was here

Check out the neat fire display

I have really met some outstanding people this week and I want to thank you for being in my life it has given new meaning to the word Growth. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

More pictures for your enjoyment help me help you and the planet. May the char be with you.

Charmaster Dolph

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