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Teaching biochar to the next generation

teaching biochar to the next generation

Teaching biochar to the next generation of planet custodians is exactly what Craig Bourne is doing at Singleton High School NSW Australia.

A Biochar Project was started 3 weeks ago and is showing results already. I just received an email from Craig yesterday with some pretty good photos of the project so far.

I will try and format it here so you can all see the difference and enjoy the results so far.

Teaching Biochar projects a picture of the difference in growth

New Guinea Impatiens With biochar and without.

teaching biochar to the next generation

Nemesia With Biochar and without.

Biochar project singleton High

Aryganthemum With Biochar and without.

Verbena biochar project singleton high

Verbena with Biochar and without.

Teaching biochar is one of the many things we like to do at Biochar Project.Not to mention of course spreading the word. Thank you Craig for spreading the word biochar. Thankyou for teaching biochar to the next generation at Singleton High.

Teaching Biochar.

Here is the contents of the email that Craig sent me so you can get a better idea on the project.

Hi Dolph,

The students are into week 3 of their potted flower project and already significant result can be seen with plants treated with biochar.
Have attached photos of differences achieved to date with the growing of New Guinea Impatiens, Verbena, Aryganthmum, and Nemesia.

Half the the plants were given 10 grams of your biochar to a 125ml squat pot. Each pot had the same debco plugger soil mix, 5gms of 3 month slow release fertiliser, equal amounts of water and kept in semi shaded conditions.
Students have been recording the growth rate and plant physical differences of plants with biochar added to the soil and plants with no biochar added to the soil.

It appears that there is significant differences in growth in the NGI, and Nemesia and less differences for Verbena and Argyanthemum. To date the biochar treated plants are growing more vigourous and have a larger root system with stronger and more of plant stems per pot.

Regards Craig Bourne.

Awesome stuff.

Charmaster Dolph.

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