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Taking Biochar to a whole new level.

Taking biochar to a whole new level.

My Goals have changed a lot since I wrote this post. I will update them now. 10-4-14


1. Have 100 people or more using my biochar “Beginers model” by the end of 2010.
I have further refined my biochar methods and have come up with the awesome Moxham biochar Units.
I would like to see this method taken up by everyone who wants cheap low, tech, long lasting and safe emmision levels.
Please see Moxhams here complete with User guide and Independant scientific tests.

2. Have 20 people or more using my Biochar “Beginers model mkII” by the end of 2010.

See Above

3. Have made and used at least one “Adam retort ” Masonary biochar unit.

I have done this one and it was really the worst thing I have done in Biochar and forced me to cancel my 4th Goal as well.

4. Have made and used at least one mobile ” Adam Retort ” biochar unit.

See above

5. Explained how biochar works and how to make your own unit to at least 1000 people.

Absolutely smashed this one with the use of Youtube and our website we have had more than 500,000 people watch listen and learn from us. In the physical world I have enchanted well over 2029 individuals and will not be stopping anytime soon.

To make this happen I am taking biochar it to a whole new level.


Selling everything I own and heading on the road to teach biochar to everyone. How is that for commitment. ?

Stay tuned for more fun.

Taking biochar to a new level Biology of Biochar with Dolph CookeYou can Buy our Biochar here.

You can come and visit us here.

Biocharproject.org is about making sure everyone knows about biochar and how to make it as part of your life on earth.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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