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Starting work at 6am has never been so wonderful

G,day Bio-Charians,

Today is one of those special days that remind me of my good fortune. Whilst my counterparts are getting ready to work hard for the man I can only imagine their mind sets.

Alarm Goes Bleep Bleep Bleep and gets met with a open hand that smashes the snooze button But then as if deja vu 15 mins later Bleep Bleep Bleep. Mindset Oh my god its too cold to get up maybe I can ring in sick.

Yeah a sickie I can get so much done today–Oh wait the car repayments are due this week I might get sacked for doing it. Nah I’m still under work choices they can’t do that to me….Or can they???

Out of bed into the shower get dressed woof down the coffee and toast and think Oh shit I’m late again. Racing through the streets thinking why O why did I buy a house out in the suburbs so far a way from work or at least so far away from the highway entry.

I was once like you. But today oh wow check out my office.

Where I work

This is Living

For those who would like to visit my office it is in Chinderah opposite the fish n Chip shop. A wonderful park central to Tweed Heads South and Murwillumbah. Here are some more pictures. Enjoy

Office of biochar Project dot org in chinderah

Charmaster Dolph

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  • jenny August 16, 2011, 10:10 am

    it’s amazing to working in such office…and work at 6am

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