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Pilgrimage to the sacred beginnings for the biochar project.org

Pilgrimage to the sacred beginnings for the biochar project.org

Pilgrimage.  a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance.

Wednesday July 14th am After leaving Kungar refreshed and ready to face the challenges of an around Australia tour for Biochar we slowly crept through the sleepy town of Uki famous for being the closest town to the ancient inactive volcano known as the caldera and the highest peak left of the last eruption called Mount Warning.

Picture of the mountwarning area were our  pilgrimage started

Glorious views of Mother Earth at wollumbin part of our pilgrimage

Suddenly one of my fellow travelers shouts Turn here Turn here Quick. Well the toyotabago we are traveling in groans under the strain of the new direction away from the current inertia and feels like it is going to go up on two wheels. (Note to self slow down to 20klm’s when turning the toyotabago hahaha.) anyway we were heading up a steep incline towards the Uki Castle on the Hill when the companion explains the sudden urge to redirect us.

It went a little something like this….. This is the birth place of the Biocharproject.org we must make a pilgrimage… I was like What tha ? and then I suddenly remember my 1st introduction to biochar was given right here about 1 year ago by the legendary Geoff Moxam Rip. Memories come flooding back of the show that was part of a climate change workshop that Irene Brown of the Castle on the Hill was organising.  At this show Geoff activated a latent passion in me that is now the sole provider of excitement in my life . So how fitting it was to come back to the castle.

When we got there we were greeted with Hugs and Love by Irene and she showed her excitement of seeing us again and we fell into  conversations of past present and futures.  Irene invited us to a talk that she was hosting that night and said we should not miss it. Well we canceled our plans and came along to the talk. The speakers were American healers and they talked about how to do many of the things spiritual people always gloss over they demonstrated things and gave an enjoyable talk about all things balanced. At the end of the night 2 of the 3 travelers decided to book in for a healing Irene informed us that they were booked solid I said ah well it wasn’t meant to be. Irene decided to see what she could do..

Skipping forward now to Saturday 9am and we arrive for our spiritual tuneup and now I know why I still haven’t departed on my tour of Australia. I had to iron out some things that were hiding in the closet so to speak… Hahaha I’m all tuned up and have all the tools I need to set fire into the hearts of all you budding biocharians and Earthlings. If this kind of crazy talk excites you please look upthis website. www.kenpage.com its all there and its free.
The Castle –> Terrainia—> Lismore rainforest shop—> Words of wisdom we have been given along the way.

If you have read this far you will see some of my posts happened earlier than I had posted them being a blogger is harder than I thought.

Pilgrimage  a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. Thank you Wikipedia

Charmaster Dolph

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  • Lil November 2, 2011, 8:28 am

    Hey Dolph

    Bought the charcoal burner (he he) from you at Nimbin Abundance day. enjoyed your talk too. You said you would send me a DVD on biochar. I work at Nimbin Law 50 C cullen Street Nimbin which is under the Grapevine & organic shops in Nimbin. YOu could post it or drop it there perhaps.
    I am thinking of coming on the weekend but maybe only for one day. Thanks Lil

  • Charmaster November 6, 2011, 8:24 pm

    Hello Lil

    I will pop it in next time I am in Nimbin


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