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Organic farmer uses mini Moxham to turn waste into biochar

Organic farmer uses mini Moxham to turn waste into biochar

Organic farmer plus mini moxham equals Biochar. (OF+mM=C). How is that for a headline ? Yeah Yeah I know.. Enjoy the adventure.

organic farmer uses mini moxham biochar unit

Once upon a time in that mystical evergreen country side known as Northern Rivers of New South Wales Australia. I was having a hard earned rest and cup of chai after a particularly grueling lemon myrtle distillation. My conversation was directed to Farmer Paul’s big stack of lemon myrtle twigs of what he called an unused resource.

Organic Farmer uses biochar in Nimbin


“Charmaster Dolph do you believe I could easily turn this mountain of twigs into Biochar ?”

Without even thinking I blurted out “Shit yeah Dawg” to the crew who had gathered close to hear my Professional opinion. I guess it wasn’t what they were expecting as everyone seemed to be either spitting out their chai / rolling around laughing or wiping there noses that the freshly sipped chia was now dribbling out of.

Organic farmer uses mini Moxham to turn waste into biochar

Talk about having fun… Above Organic Farmer Paul and Charmaster Dolph.

So we decided to hook up some time later and give it a shot with the Mini Moxham.

Organic Farmer Paul was enthusiastically loading the mini moxham biochar unit as fast as he possibly could. The mini Moxham was gobbling up the lemon myrtle twigs as if they were lollies. We had a super fun time and got a lot of great photos.

Organic farmer full load of biochar

This one shows the ash coated top layer of biochar and if you look closely enough you can still see the red hot areas.
The ash forms quickly on the smaller twigs and this is why we had to continuously load the mini moxham on this particular feed stock.

No rest for the wicked.

Red hot char mini moxham styleHere is a close up of the red hot biochar.


Organic Farmer uses Mini Moxham to make Biochar.

Life aint nothing but a funny funny riddle Biochar

Most organic farmers will rather make the biochar on farm as it is already a resource they have to work with. So the mini moxham is a perfect size for a afternoons clean up. It is safe on hot days and works like a charm. All you have to do is feed observe and quench.

Organic farmer Gillian
Organic Farmer Gillian is quenching the biochar with a garden hose to make sure it does not flare up and turn to ash while we are not looking.

500 litres of biochar

Pretty good day had by all. We learned a few things about the mini moxham and made heaps of biochar. Organic farmer Paul decide to keep the mini moxham so he can cover his entire lemon myrtle plantation with biochar.

well over 500 litres of Biochar

Five hundred litres of Biochar was made in just under 4 hours from a resource that was burnt in a burn pile previously.
You can make your own Biochar or Buy Biochar from Biochar Project kunghur NSW Australia.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke.

Kunghur NSW Australia.

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  • Daniel March 27, 2014, 11:04 pm

    Wow, this is exactly what I need to get rid of invasive trees I cut down in South Africa and improve my sandy soil!

    What are the dimensions of the pipe used for the mini Moxham please?


  • Charmaster March 28, 2014, 7:19 am

    Hello Daniel, I have a new document about to come out I will send it to you.
    The mini moxham is 1 meter Outside diameter
    and it sits 1 meter tall and the wals are 12 mm thick

    It was an old peice of gas / oil transporting pipe that was found in the scrap metal yard.
    I have tried it with many sized pipes and it works the same way only difference is
    the bigger the pipe the longer it takes to fill with biochar.

    Charmaster Dolph Cooke

  • Davin December 8, 2018, 12:43 am

    Can you send me info as well please? I have a mountain of wood chips I’m looking to turn into biochar

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