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Nimbin show through the eyes of Biochar project.

A charcoal drawing of the Charmaster

Nimbin show this year was our best ever. We had the big tent right next to the entrance to sustainable ally and we were awarded Nimbin Shows Most sustainable Runners up 2nd Place of the entire show.

Nimbin Show 2013

Here is a time lapse video of the Sunday from within the Biochar projects tent looking out toward the Paddock to Plate cafe. It is really a good snapshot of how the weekend was pulsing along. Biochar is hitting the mainstream and very soon it will be a household word. Read on and see how good this event was.



Also here is our Award …

Nimbin show Award for Sustainable farm 2013


I spoke to a total of 53 people regarding Biochar and its many benefits. Our main goal was to spread the word about Biochar and our secondary goal was to get people to make it themselves.

I think we did very good on both goals.

A lovely lady came and inquired about charcoal for drawing so I showed her Hemp Char she loved it and quickly drew a picture of me within about 5 minutes. Here it is—

at the nimbin show you can see A charcoal drawing of the Charmaster

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Spreading the word Biochar since 2009.

Biocharindustries is a new arm of biocharproject and you can now buy biochar from us. We hand make the best biochar in Australia and deliver it for the best price. This is why you need to support a grass roots industry. Look for our biochar products on Biocharindustries.com


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