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Micro Moxham biochar maker by Gibbo. Permaculture

The Micro Moxham biochar maker

Micro Moxham biochar maker by Gibbo.

I went along to the Djanbung permaculture expo to give Gibbo a hand presenting his annual biochar workshop. What a blast the sun was shinning we had 12 or so enthusiastic biochar apprentices and then Gibbo brought out the wow factor.

He calls it the Micro Moxham. Yep a simple and cheap DIY biochar maker that has all the same characteristics of the Moxham at 100th of the price. This little modification to a 44 gallon drum is priceless. Here is a you tube video of gibbo telling me about it.

Gibbo is a fantastic biochar presenter and he has a great way to get the points across with drawings and diagrams.

Micro Moxham biochar maker by Gibbo teaching BiocharWe went through how to make biochar at home and also what to look out for when making it. Then we had a big session on enriching biochar and how to use it in a permaculture setting. Every one was totally enjoying this great workshop.

The food was great with the magical permaculture veggies in everything tasting so fresh.

Gibbo and a few of the apprentices talking about biochar units

The theory then bled into the practical and out came the fire. Oh yeah you cant have a workshop without the fire.

Here is Gibbo chilling out behind the Micro Moxham which we all loaded with Bamboo for fun and a big finale.

It was such a pleasure. We all got to create our own style of biochar in the Milo tins that Geoff Moxham came up with in the old days. So we found thing to pyrolyze, put them in the Milo tins dropped them in the Micro Moxham then tried to fish them out once they were done. Nothing like a skill tester with consequences.


The Micro Moxham biochar maker

Barefoot biochar is what we call ourselves and it was fitting for me to get everyone into bare-feet and stomp on the char once we tipped over the Micro Moxham biochar maker. Some folks were scared but after they saw me easily walking on the coals their bravery bolstered and they gave it a shot. NO H and S but no one was injured in the making of this real good time.

Whats left behind is great biochar

Hope you enjoyed

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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