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Happy 1st Birthday Biocharproject.org D.o.B 12th April 2010

What a fabulous year it has been here at biocharproject.org can you believe it 356 days of eating, sleeping, working, thinking, dreaming, doing, promoting, selling, educating, creating, learning Biochar.

PHEWWW usually birthdays are for celebrating and do tell me what parent would forget their one year olds birthday ?

/raises hand (Sheepishly) Yep I admit  forgot it Completely forgot it but thankfully the greedy money hungry oligarchy of elites did not forget and gave me a good 12 hours of downtime to make me remember next year. Oh thank you the benevolent illuminate for caring 😛

So I have to make it up to you all especially my beautiful precious (Strokes ring) and I have just the perfect thing… The other night like midnight I get a link through the email to a video on making biochar.

I downloaded it went to bed and watched it for breakfast. OMG this is what I have been looking for I am SOOOOO going to make it and video it for all to see



Charmaster Dolph

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