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Getting ready for my newest project 44 gallon Tlud Biochar Makers

Late last week a colleague of mine Dr Paul Taylor PhD sent me a YouTube link to a low tech way of making more Biochar. The man in the video was called John Rogers from the Good Ole US of A. What a great Idea so I have set about giving it a shot so I can see for myself.

John Rogers Idea is to use old 44 gallon drums or in America they have 55 Gallon drums and create a simple top lit up draft gasifier to create Biochar in.

Top Lit Up Draft gasifiers or TLUD’s as they are known feature heavily in the biochar bash I am about to go to in the next shire Byron. This event is a week long camp and promises to teach secrets of Tlud’s and other biochar making technologies.

Dr Paul Taylor editor of the biochar revolution is organising to bring Dr Tlud and his mate out from the Good Ole US of A to show us a thing or two about Biochar.

Here is the link for the youtube.


And here are some shots of todays work towards this project.

Yeah stay tuned for my step by step on how to make these 44 gallon Tlud’s

Till then Char u Later

Charmaster Dolph


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  • mustapha tajudeen December 13, 2011, 12:55 am

    a job well done but there some things that are not clear to m about the retot 1 there is a hole at the top of the fire box.what is it ment for becouse is always closed in all ur picture 2there is anothher hole at the base of the chimmny beside the fire box what is the use pls 3what is the size of the retort as to fire box

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