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Climate change scam? Who is telling the truth?

climate change scam picture from NewsWeek

Climate change scam or truth? I am begining to suspect that the great global warming concept could be untrue in parts or perhaps the whole.

I am putting it out there for folks to respond with what they believe is True or False about every facet of global warming. I once was content to be ignorant but now I have come of age and can see something shifty going on.


climate change scam picture from NewsWeek

climate change scam picture from NewsWeek

Today I saw this you tube video of one of Australia’s leading climate change carbon modellers. Here is the info from youtube.

“Few would have the credibility of this man on this topic. Dr. Evans was the leading terrestrial carbon modeler for the Australian Greenhouse Office.”

The full text of his speech can be found here:


Here is the Tube.Dr. David Evans, Carbon Modeler, Says, \”You\’ve been had\” At Perth \”Carbon Tax\” Protest

Comment below and tell me what you think please add any references to science so I can make an informed desicion myself. Climate change scam or no scam. If it is a scam where do we go from here?

Thank you

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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  • Melanie June 25, 2011, 12:20 am

    Well as someone that works in the area, there is no doubt of the greenhouse effect. However, carbon dioxide is one facet which has been really focused upon. Its a factor but not the only thing happening. The truth is that climate is incredibly complex and communicating that complexity in a simply way gets lost along the way. I suspect people wants simple answers where there are none. Also, people want decisive answers from scientists when our science doesn’t work that way. This is an issues with multiple grey areas and ever changing goalposts. the overall trend is toward warming but the details are fuzzier. The controversy is not whether climate is warming but rather in the mechanisms and predictability of outcomes.

  • Ken July 1, 2011, 7:59 am

    There is no reason to suspect a widespread scam from supporters of action against climate change, any more than from those who propose inaction.
    I think its an unproductive pursuit and I tend to think it more likely that the scammers are those who raise the spectre of scamming, rather than focussing on the core of the debate. Maybe I’m an optimist but I like to think that most people want to do the right thing one way or the other.
    My observation is that there is almost unanimous agreement from those for and against that:
    – The planet is on a warming trend
    – CO2 levels are rising
    – CO2 has some degree of impact on warming

    The debate for the lay person is whether the economic impact of taking action on climate change is worse than the economic impact of doing nothing.

    Nobody knows absolutely the answer so all you can do is:
    – Listen to the experts: climate scientists, biologists, economists etc…
    – Assess the rigour applied in reaching their respective positions
    then make your own judgement on the relative risks of action or inaction

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