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Biodynamic farming methods and biochar

Here we are awaiting training at the biodynamic field day

Biodynamic farming is the word for today as I just completed a field day on Sunday. The goal for me is to gather as much knowledge of earth repairing technologies, so I can steadily convert it to wisdom as I practice over the next few years.

The day was at james here are the folks 21 all up

Learning Biodynamic farming concepts

Biochar as you know is a rock solid foundation on which microbes can build their families and colonies in, it is like offering each family a high rise apartment block for their own use with no conditions. How many people would love something like that ?

Sure I have spent considerable time on researching what is the best ways of populating biochar with microbes. This is why I went to the biodynamic farming field day. In the past I have studied the work of Rudolf Steiner the book is called agriculture. What I took away from these books is the concept of spiritual farming which excites me no end.

Biodynamic farming

Compost is a great way to introduce microbes to biochar

biodynamic Compost is a great way to introduce microbes to biochar

It wasn’t until now that I understood that biodynamic farming is all about the microbes. Microbes on mass we are talking about a 35 gram of properly made biodynamic preparation holds as much as 500 million (500,000,000) microbes.

My initial thoughts were wow imagine giving all those microbes a new home that would last a couple of hundred thousand generation. This could be what I am looking for microbes for my biochar.

Here we are awaiting training at the biodynamic field day

Here are folks awaiting the lectures by lise

So I asked the question “Is biochar suitable to be used with biodynamic farming preparations”.
The answer was “NO”. Lise went on to explain that 2 weeks ago at a biodynamic field day in Gatton, the father of biodynamic farming in Australia Mr Alex Podolinsky was asked the similar question and his response was “No”.

However once we started to walk to the compost demonstration two ladies both approached me and said they were at the Gatton field day and believe that Mr Alex Podolinsky did not understand what biochar was they said he thought it was coal. So now it is my job to research if in fact biochar can play a significant role in biodynamic farming and of course if biodynamic preperations will work well with biochar.

Voodoo box with alsorts of unexplaineable features

A biodynamic preparation holding box

Here is my hunch (not very scientific I know). Biochar needs microbes and microbes need a safe haven to grow to their potential. Byodynamic preparation 500 offers lots of microbes but they are only available for 1 hour after activation.

However the other biodynamic preparations  502 ,503 ,504 ,505 ,506 ,507 ,508 all work well in a compost system.
Biochar works extremely well in a compost system. Biochar and biodynamics could well be the missing link.

Lise showing us how its done

Lise demonstrates how Biodynamic preperation 501 needs to be applied

So here is my open invitation to anyone let me know what your thoughts are on this subject, weather it be knowledge / wisdom / information / trials / tests / channeled information direct from Rudolph. I would like to start a dialogue on this concept.

I will be commencing test trials at the hill of abundance just as soon as I can. My intuition says Yes their is a role for biochar in biodynamics. Charmaster Dolph Cooke will be the grand daddy of Biodynamic Biochar you read it first right here.

I would like to thank James for hosting the biodynamic farming field day. Jim for organising the day.  Lise for presenting all about biodynamic preparations and farming methods. A big thank you to all the newly initiated biodynamic farmers that attended and thank you for your interactions you all inspire me absolutely

Charmaster Dolph Cooke
On the case for Biochar.
Founder Bioichar Industries
Kunghur NSW Australia.

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  • Jane Mulligan October 25, 2011, 7:18 am

    Dear Dolph,
    We currently have large amount of biochar available for research purposes at a reasonable price. Would you be able to put us in contact with some farmer/scientist who wish to run trials.
    Yours truly,
    Jane Mulligan
    0746561785 (evenings)

  • Charmaster October 25, 2011, 7:29 am

    Excellent stuff Jane will do can you send me a little about what you do and how you do it and some photos I will make a project for you
    and then you will get a lot of enquiries. In the mean time I will send it on to my lists so folks know right away.

    How did you find me ?

    Charmaster Dolph
    Spreading the word Biochar

  • Matt P January 16, 2012, 3:07 am

    Hi there,

    Fantastic post!
    I’m just getting into Bio char and its wondrous potential here in the South West of England. Most of my connections and friends doing agriculture and small holdings around are very committed to BD which is great to see, but I think sometimes they get to stuck…treat it like a bible and don’t dare sway, so I to am very interested in where the two can meet and correspond. I’m making my own bio-char at home currently and will then run a few tests on various plants to see how they perform.

    e.g. Bed of crop A in Organic compost/permaculture conditions
    Bed of crop A in in BD conditions
    Bed of crop A in Bio Char conditions with organic compost/soils
    Bed of crop A in BD conditions with bio char.

    Let me know if you have had any more luck.


  • Charmaster January 17, 2012, 3:23 pm

    Will Do Matt I am currently involved with ucho paperwork but very soon I will be free again to test and measure. I cant wait.
    Feel free to post or eail e your results and I will add the to the website as a project.

    Charmaster Dolph Cooke

  • Joe November 12, 2012, 7:24 am

    I believe you are on to something here. I have been making bio bar inoculated with EM-1 ( effective microbes) a product created by a Japanese microbiologist in the late 80s and I can testify that it has greatly increased moisture retention, productivity,assimilation of organic matter and overall flavor.

  • mark harvey July 1, 2014, 6:55 pm

    dolph, i live in switzerland and have some experience with working in a demeter garden. as you know, the demeter people are devotees to steiner’s work and indeed it can be a bit much… anyway, i stumbled onto your realization, albeit only two months ago, because i have begun to immerse myself in the stuff. i finally went to google and landed here. before i go on, is this thread still running?

    en paz mark

  • Charmaster July 2, 2014, 9:07 pm

    Yes mate this is still alive and kicking. I have been learning a deeper insight into rudolph’s work via Dennis clocheck and a local BD guy near me. I am begining to see that thier are those who blindly follow and those who experiment as per Rudolph’s advice. I am more sure than ever that BD and Biochar were made for each other.

    Please add to our body of knowledge as it is here to open all doors and leave no stone unturned.
    Thanks for your reply


  • John McNeary February 19, 2015, 8:54 am

    Hi Dolph, I’d love to know how trials involving BD/biochar turned out. I’m in
    Portland,OR and just testing the waters in this regard. Hope to hear back from you. Thanks,

    John McNeary

  • Forest December 13, 2016, 7:00 pm

    Hello Dolph

    I’m a biodynamic gardener/farmer living in British Columbia Canada. We have just started producing Biochar. We are very interested in your findings. Perhaps we can connect on our results and trials.

    Look forward to learning more !!!

  • Peter Garlick August 4, 2017, 9:01 am

    Hi Dolph
    Our Waldorf School has a 13.6ha BD farm. We are considering using biochar to help restore fertility and restore historic DDT contamination. I’d love to be in the loop with others interested in biochar as part of a DB farm.

  • Kate September 11, 2017, 12:34 pm

    Side note first: I wish there were dates on the article and comment thred. Unless I just do not see them.
    Sept 2017
    I am new to biochar. Yet I am a longterm dabbler in Steiner work. I almost, got my BD cert at the Pfieffer center, sans some projects needing completion (is this my project?). Im also in the middle of a waldorf degree. I always feel new to Steiner work, outside of the “in crowd” but at the same time once I get the puzzle into place in my mind and my feelings….IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!!! I got into BD after (unbekownst to me) WOOFFing on a BD farm. The land felt alive in a way that I never knew possible. The whole time the farmer kept BD concepts close to the vest. We were the braun he was the brains. Plus maybe he was so deep in he just couldnt explain these concepts to city kids who wanted a quaint country experience. Anyways…I was losing it, verbally, in AWE over the wonders I was witnessing there (finally some city kid took notice) until finally the farmer hollered across the field “Honey your on a BI O dYnAMIC FARM!” (spoken in a southern american accent). I never heard the word before. The next thing I Know I am learning about the several earth incarnations and gnomes from an earthy farmer teacher up north, who still appeared slightly uncomfortable explaining such “far out” concepts to a crowd of “virgin” ears.

    I’d say the best approach to this querie is again think outside the material world. Start creating rap sheets/ mind maps / stream of conciousness writtings about the Qualities of biochar. It is of the plant world turned by fire to the mineral world, yes? What does that mean? Can it relate to any cosmic forces ie planets? What are the metapysical qualities of charcoal? What kind of wood are you buring? What planets do those relate to? Does the astrological time of creating bio char matter as in the BD technique of peppering. It can hold water and nutritiom and microoranisms, what other natural things have holding qualities. Just go free flow! Are there any homeopathics remedie that anthroposphical med is using charcoal? For what healh issues? I started seeing BD as homeopathy for the earth (naturally the earth n the human arent the same so our homeopathy is different but it is a good start). It’s based on energy waves. Laying a frequency over the land for the earth to pick up the queues. Therefore you can use BD in any application backyard gardener, rooftop urban gardener, farmer, permaculturalist, vineyard ANYTHING. Id look into you application of biochar, what qualities does it have, what is it replacing, what is it doing?

    I think ppl hold onto steiner work in a closed off way bc it goes soooo against the modern materialist world we live it. However his implications set us on the path. It is our duty to experiment, ask and DEVELOP the work. Many early students did this. We can too!

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