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Biocharing big logs is easy for the Moxham

Big logs I mean really big biocharing

Biocharing big logs is fulfilling.

Biocharing big logs is easy.

Biocharing big logs cuts down on labor but not time.

Check it out. Another scientific trial from Charmaster Dolph.

I get asked a lot of questions about what I do and why I do it. It pleases me no end because it means a few things.
People are watching my website. People are learning. People are trying things out for themselves.

BUT Best of all. People are helping me learn as well. How does this work ? Well when your inside the char box, biocharing sometimes gets to familiar and you can not objectively see all sides of the equation. Along comes a beautiful being of light and asks questions. Questions I have never even contemplated before. Questions about Biocharing perhaps I take for granted. Questions that get me thinking.

biocharing big logs biochar project

Here is one such question from a wonderful biochar colleague. Not verbatim but you will get the jist. How does the moxham cope with bigger bits of wood ?

In a simple answer. Yes the Moxham can biochar any size log that you can fit in it.

In a more enlightening answer. Let me tell you a little biocharing story.

Big logs I mean really big biocharing

The Moxham farm scale biocharing unit is hardcore. It is simple to use. You can not break it. It takes very high heat. Biocharing is always uniform in it.  This means you do not need to hope it has completely done the job. The job of taking the volitiles out of the wood and leaving Biochar behind and not Ash.

Some of these logs I could lift into the Moxham and some I could not. However once they were in they were definitely being turned to biochar.

As you can see from this earlier post on skinny wood being used in the Mini Moxham. The smaller the wood size the faster it biochars. I usually split wood logs down to about the size of firewood to feed the Moxham. This time I used the smaller wood to get the heat up then I plonked on the Big Logs.

Then I kept on adding firewood size pieces to maintain the heat needed to pyrolyise the big logs right through.


It took a long time to get results and it was definitely slower than the regular way I use the Moxham.

I have not had any scientific tests done on the char but it looked fine and the leftover logs can be added back in the next run. I got carried away and added about 17 large full rounds during the night and 1 or 2 did not fully decompose. You get that.

If you have any question be sure to ask via the comments so what you ask can help others to learn.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Brought to you by my sponsors who let me trial and err.
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