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Biochar training weekend. The Biochar Project way.

Biochar training weekend. Here is the report. For a better understanding please read this previous post Biochar Training, full immersion weekend 29th Nov.

On to the juicy bits.

Biochar training weekend. AKA Full Immersion Biochar Training boot camp.

When someone say from now on “what is Biochar ?”

I can tell you these latest 10 Charmaster’s Apprentices will be the first to tell you all about it. They now have a very unique understanding of biochar.

Photos from the our recent Biochar training weekend.

Marion bringing home the goods at the Biochar training weekend
Marion bringing logs out of the forest. The Biochar training weekend we just had 29th – 30th Nov 2014. Was lots of hard work and lots of great stories.
The grass near the mower wheel lol Biochar training weekend
Look at this grass. Just awaiting a mow. More likely a miss shot.
The trial bed before shot . Biochar training weekend
This was the before shot of the biochar trial plot. It is inside the garden on the hill of abundance.
Finding the old downed plantation trees Biochar training weekend
A couple of fallen plantation trees being rediscovered and cut up.
Lisa enjoying the hard yakka
Lisa carting more logs out of the forest. A great way to get an all over body workout.
Plantation thinnings to be made into biochar.
Here are some plantation thinning laying on the ground we will turn them into biochar.
Lisa again lol
Lisa again. Notice the hat and gloves that’s called self responsibility :).
Making the trial beds in the hill of abundance garden
Hoeing the weeds out and double digging the trial bed.
Hi Ho hi Ho working in the deep. Biochar training weekend
Team work makes for a great experience.
Digging the weeds out of the bed. Biochar training weekend
I think Frank was on the council one time: ).
The tools : ) Biochar training weekend
The start of the trial bed a before picture.


Close up of hidden trees Biochar training weekend
More from inside the holistically managed forest.
Photo charmasters apprentices : ) Biochar training weekend
Photo shoots are great gives you a time to catch your breath.
a break in the forest Biochar training weekend
An open area within the forest. We found cockatoo damage had knocked out a few trees.
Look at the fungi. This logs been out there a while Biochar training weekend
An old log with plenty of Yellow fungi.
looking green Biochar training weekend
Work team in the forest.
Franks tip up trailer what a beuty Biochar training weekend
Frank’s great tilt trailer came in handy.
Sagaro on the chain saw learning at Biochar training weekend
Learning how to use the chainsaw correctly at the biochar workshop.
Which way Biochar training weekend
Not far to go now.
Loading the Dato Biochar training weekend

The Datsun awaiting another load.
hoeing the char to cool it off Biochar training weekend
Working with the hoe’s to cool down the fresh Biochar.
the charmaster sneaks in for a photo opp Biochar training weekend
The Charmaster makes a sneak appearance.
Frank photo bomb Biochar training weekend

Photobomb Frank.
close up of franks trailer Biochar training weekendFastening down the load.
Biochar training weekend the bag

The Bag wanted to be in the photo only when we tried to use technology.
the morning after Biochar training weekend
Steaming hot biochar.
Sorting the sizes Biochar training weekend
Sorting the log sizes at the drop off point.
Looking good
Happy snaps loving the learning.
The work horses
The work horses near the beach.
Happy camper
Sagaro looking chuffed.
Big dip after a hot job

Let the Clean fun begin. Nice and cold helps you revitalize.
Bag again.
The Moxham with a start up load in her

The Moxham with a start up load in her.
the 5 ms of Biochar creating the Microbial grade
Working the 5 m’s of Biochar. This one is Microbiological inoculation.
a Fun Guy

A big fungi on a small log.
more compost
Grading the 12 month old compost.
Yarns in the morning by Joel
Yarn-ing with new friends around the morning campfire and breakfasts cooked by Tluds.
hearing the yarn

Enjoying the Yarn’s.

Pretty chilled out.
The drop off point
The stack as we started.
Loaded with trial ingredients

The red Rocket is a really great workhorse.
The Dam
Here is the view of our big cold dam we all jumped in it a few times over the weekend.
Unloading the logs

Unloading in the splitting area.
action shots nearly identical A close up.

It has just occurred to me we took no photo’s of the food and the fire we must of just had too much fun.

Here is some photos I took of the finished trial beds today.

DSCF5214-800 DSCF5213-800 DSCF5212-800

Biochar Industries barefoot biochar used in the making of these trials. When only the best will do. Buy Biochar here.

Hope you the viewer enjoyed this as much as we did participating. To get Charmaster Dolph Cooke to create a workshop in your area please email dolph@biocharproject.org and lets work something out.

Join our Mailing list here.

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