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Biochar Training, full immersion weekend 29th Nov.

Biology of biochar how to make it charmaster dolph's way

Biochar Training, full immersion weekend 29th Nov. 2954 Kyogle road Kunghur Northern Rivers NSW.

Biochar Training, full imersion weekend 29th Nov.

Biochar training is so much enjoyable with a good crowd. Here are folks learning in our biochar industries workspace.

Hello Folks,

A long awaited update from Biochar Project Australia / Biochar Industries.

We are doing a full immersion biochar training weekend on Saturday the 29th of November.
It will be a full weekend and we will be doing the following.

Collect stockpile wood.
Process wood.

Group Presentation (biochar basics).
Measure and nut out a trial garden.

Burn at twighlight with ceremony then dinner.

Depending on how many attend.
Individual 30 min presentations with Q and A as we take turns tending the fire.
Shift tending.
Quenching the next day.

Crushing, grading and enrichment of biochar.

If you would like to be involved please book in with Charmaster Dolph so he can get you all the info you need to arrive out here in the forest.

This biochar training event is FREE.

A couple of great friends asked me to do up a program and a packing list so thanks guys here it is.

Program for biochar training.

Arrive Friday night if you like for a 9 am Saturday Start
9am in the forest for a brief
9.15 Start on timber haul
10.30 Morning tea
11.00 Timber haul
1.00 pm Lunch
2.15 pm a Biochar Presentation + Q & A
3.00 pm Into the hill of abundance to set up a Biochar Trial area
4.30 pm Groups Timber haul if we need, Splitting and Processing, Planting hemp
5.00 pm Fruit
5.15 Change Groups
6.30 Showers Dam chillout ready for Dinner
7.00 pm Dinner starting to go Dark
7.30 pm Light the Moxham , Fire ceremony and have a big get together around it all night long
Depending on the stamina of the audience every 30 mins I can do a one on one Presentation and Q and A for anything folks may not quiet get yet

Taking shifts lieing on our swags around the moxham all night long keeping the biochar coming.
Early Sunday Morning
5am ish We will prepare to extinguish the Moxham
6am Tip over and hoe out the contents
7am Breakfast using TLUDS
8am Attempt to Grind and grade the Biochar (so you can see what it is we Do)
9am Conditioning and enriching Biochar
10 am Apply the Biochar (Previously Enriched a few days earlier ) To the Biochar Plot
12.30 Lunch and Farwell

Pack to bring

Food that you eat.
Food that you want to share.
Work clothes and boots gloves etc.
Swimmers and towels.
Old favorite garden tools.
Swag and sleeping bags or equiv.
teas and supplements.
Every thing you need to have a great time.
Tent if you want to.
Vibrant attitude 😛
Campfire stories.
Videos and cameras.
Notebook and pencils.

We have 240v power available to charge gadgets etc.

How does that sound Guys ??

Thank you for your attention and please share with friends in any manner you like.

Charmaster Dolph


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  • Phillip April 18, 2015, 6:41 pm

    like to be there..
    biochar is a stream of carbon flowing through my garden..
    look around my blog,, you get it..
    see you soon

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