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Biochar Test Plot in Mullumbimby Community Gardens

Hello Again Everyone Charmaster Dolph reporting for Duty. Today I had a chance meeting with Biochar Guru Rameshwar at the Mullumbimby Community Gardens.

Plot One Biochar Trial at Mullumbimby Community Gardens

Plain Earth Plot 1 Biochar Trial at Mullumbimby

A picture of Plot 2 at mullum community garden

Plot 2 1kg Biochar mixed into plain earth mullum community garden

I was going through Mullumbimby after our native American Moccasin Building lesson when I had a thought “I should go buy veggies at the mullum community Garden for a fresh lunch” So I pulled the big truck over and walked up to the gardens after I had time to select the best produce for Lunch none other than Rameshwar turned up on his bike and sat down and had lunch with me telling me all about the biochar Trial he has going.

picture of a biochar trial plot number 3

Plot number 3 Bio-dynamic fertilizer 500 added to plain earth

picture of a biochar test plot number 4

Test Plot number 4 Biochar + Bio-dynamic 500 fertilizer + plain earth

So after lunch we set up a tour of the plot and I created a short film explaining it for everyone to see.

We had a lot to talk about and catchup on but its great to see the new plans that are being turned into reality for biochar down in Mullumbimby.

I talked about doing a biochar workshop on site and we set together to plan it out. Later on the leader of the community garden movement informed me she has won a grant to showcase sustainability and would like my input into the biochar hall of fame.

We are going to talk about what we will need but already early ideas suggest several biochar kilns and a big shed for drying the wood.

Wow talk about progressive if any Australian Community wants a hand to setup or even understand Biochar give me a Hoy.


Charmaster Dolph Over and Out.

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  • land cruiser August 26, 2010, 6:30 am

    My friend and I were arguing about this! Now I know that I was right. lol! Thanks for making me sure!

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