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Biochar, Science, PhD and all that jazz.

Biochar Industries is making news all over the world. From a humble beginning of one man’s personal vision for the future here is an example of what one man one dream can obtain.

Biochar beginning with Geoff Moxam as Mentor (The spark of Biochar Creation)

Biochar Industries idea with 3000 acres.

Biochar production ideas with many scientists an Australian first.

Biochar education initiative with biochar learning circles.

Biochar’s link to Plutonic Fullerene Chemistry via charmaster Dolph Cooke of Biochar Industries.

Biochar PhD students requesting ideas from Biochar Industries

Wow the list is starting to look like an over achievers score pad. Seriously folks this is what one man can do when he incorporates concepts such as truth, honesty, integrity, creativity and love.

You can do it. Forget about helping yourself just help others and you will be richly rewarded in ways that are far more fulfilling than you had imagined.

Charmaster  Dolph Cooke

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