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Biochar projects happenings

My Moo Shakes brings all the cows to the yard

Biochar projects happenings over the new year and Christmas period happened so fast and so often I did not even get a chance to tell you about them.

So I am making up for it now with a quick run down of what we got up to and what happened around us that will shape our future.

Last year I spoke about projects biochar project was working on and here is the list –>Biochar Projects 2013 you will also see the projects that we started in 2012. Look at them thoroughly digest them then come back here to see the progress.

We took out the runners up for the most sustainable farm enterprise in the Nimbin Show.

We had scientists come down to our biochar projects and thoroughly test our biochar unit giving us an astonished two thumbs up.

Biochar projects -Scientists

We started to build our first biochar projects deep litter chicken test station.

biochar projects -Deep Litter Biochar Chicken System

We started to build staff accomodation in the forest. For the staff of Biochar Projects and Biochar Industries.

Biochar projects - staff Housing begins

We started a 1 acre biochar test market garden and have been selling the veggies at the local farmers market to everyone’s surprise.

Biochar projects - Test Market Garden

We finally got our organic certification after years of pre certification and in conversion.

We developed an open source cow / soil amendment called Mooshakes.

Biochar projects - My Moo Shakes brings all the cows to the yard

We successfully thinned 13 acres of forest with the cows in a cell graze set up without having to use any fossil fuels.

We finished the fencing for the biochar projects market garden and completed the community kitchen.

Biochar projects -Community Kitchen

We are in pre launch of our new products. Biocharindustries.com will be our commercial site.

We are working with another Australian Biochar company to get biochar out there.

We are now currently experimenting with biochar projects in Sheep / Goats / Chickens and cows and having way too much fun as farmers.

I have made a commitment to do 1 firing of the biochar unit a week for the nest year. So far on target.

Biochar projects - Commitment

We have finished our biochar projects working shed to keep us out of the Rain and Heat.

Wombat the Carbon Dog Died our most awesome companion took his first ever sick day so we dropped everything and took him to the greatest vet in the world. Dr Rex popped him on the table give him a quick knock out drug opened him up and found a tumor had all but taken over his liver. Wombat the super dog woke up from the anesthetic to say his last good bye we were so sad everyone was crying even Dr Rex.

biochar projects -Wombat the Carbon Dog

I brought him home laid him on his bed for 3 days so his spirit could leave then I biochared him and will plant his char with a great tree that we can all sit under and enjoy its fruits. Goodbye Wombat we love you.

biochar projects -Wombat the Carbon Dog


I got given a new T shirt. Depicting Biochar being spread by Airoplane one of my projects I am working on. J/K

biochar projects -Biochar Trails t shirt

As you can see so much has happened and I want to just quickly update so I don’t get snowed under for this year of the Horse.

Biochar projects what more could a grown man want : )

In February I am hosting a delegation of young people from Zimbabwe to teach them to be char-masters and send them home to start the craze in their homelands.  This will be a first for me even though I have many projects around the world. I as one person have made a difference already but I will not stop until biochar is a household word or I cark whatever comes first.


Charmaster Dolph Cooke
Spreading the word BIOCHAR.


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