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biochar permaculture Nimbin

wadzies explosion

biochar permaculture Nimbin.

Yesterday I attended the open day for  Djanbung Gardens Permaculture .
It was a fantastic day filled with fun, knowledge and excellent people.
The rain stayed mostly away and the food was plentyful.

biochar with permaculture Charmaster Dolph and the Champion Tlud at Djanbung Gardens Nimbin

Charmaster Dolph and the Champion Tlud at Djanbung Gardens Nimbin

Conan gave a workshop on how a.

biochar gasifier.

works. Then he demonstrated all the aspects of it so everyone could be informed. Many people attended and lots of questions were asked.

Dolph and Conan at Djanbung Gardens Nimbin

Dolph and Conan Djanbung Gardens Nimbin

Other notable Industry people present were.
Charmaster Dolph Cooke.
Barry Bachelor from Black earth products.
Wayne Wadsworth from waste to wealth .

Dolph and Barry Blackearth

Dolph Cooke and Barry Blackearth

Products for sale were the Champion gasifier stove. The book and of course Black Earth products.

biochar with permaculture Tlud stove set up for sale

biochar with permaculture Tlud stove set up for sale

The big highlight for Fire fans of biochar with permaculture was when Wayne Wadsworth demonstrated what NOT to do with a big 44 gallon drum gasifier. I wish we had caught it on camera a huge explosion that shot all the lit bamboo leaves up into the air then they slowly descended on fire like fireworks on cracker night.

biochar with permaculture wadzies explosion


So much good wholesome fun was had and much more then just Bio char was on offer.

The tour around the Gardens, A talk from Nicola Peel of eyesofgaia.com,  a talk on basket making and dyes, Excellent live music, Good Food, permaculture displays and sustainability themes. biochar with permaculture.

bamboo workshop

bamboo workshop at Djanbung Gardens

Djanbung Gardens is a permaculture school in Nimbin and it has a unique live in accommodation for students based around 3 old railway carriages. They have a pair of big pigs many chickens and lots of different foods growing. I walked around the gardens and saw compost toilets, Waste water treatment, pathways to other gardens and of course the big kitchen. I met some really nice people and had a great day.

Oh almost forgot Barry Bachelor offered one of his old prototypes for our education centre. That there was another big highlight.

Thank you Djanbung Gardens (Platypus Gardens).

Charmaster Dolph Cooke.

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  • Hemal de Silva July 11, 2012, 10:13 pm

    Biochar ; Can it put the tea industry in the black?

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