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Biochar learning system now ratified and gearing up for release

Biochar learning system now ratified and gearing up for release. Media Release.

“It makes me a pretty proud charmaster to announce to the world about the biochar learning system. Another world first, for biocharproject.org and the team of dedicated people that are working in the background to initiate change world wide.”

Chramaster Dolph Cooke.

Biochar learning system the bush mechanic

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

We are calling all related learning and participation in our system Bush Mechanics or Bushy for short. In time the Bush Mechanic will become the pinnacle of artisans. One who is good at more than one Craft. An Artificer.  A True Master. Delivering to the world a Master Piece a part of the puzzle to unlocking the potential in all mankind.

Biochar learning system

An advance way to engage the enthusiasm of the pupil so that the subject becomes 100% bio-available and uptake is instantaneously. The old systems of education are not helping humanity reach its potential. With so many Institutes just purging out barely competent, mind closed, slaves for a resource hungry broken and failed system.

Is it any wonder why our world is in such bad shape ?

World in bad shape

Our system recognises fundamentals that are being left out in the slave system.
These are.

Individuality, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Thinking , Troubleshooting, Freedom, Nutrition, Passion and so many more equally important aspects.

Together with forward thinking and forward doing we are forging “the new way”.

If you feel you have something to offer the world, some kind of awesomeness that is not currently being addressed.  Please send an email to Paul Wildman and a copy to Dolph Cooke and we will be happy to incorporate any useful quantum Chiro or Cogno information that is true, tried and tested to our scheme of things.

Biochar learning system

Remember there is only one important person in the entire universe and that is You. Charmaster Dolph Cooke 2012.

The next step is to co-create a perfect guild for the Bush mechanic to become a part of so that they can experience wisdom and experience – first hand. We have been working on this construct for more than 3 years. Soon it will become a part of the Great Nightcap Forest community in Kunghur Northern NSW Australia.

Our Biochar learning system can easily adapt to any subject. For example Permaculture learning system or Holistic health learning system.

Start thinking of the possibilities now to make a real impact on our world and a change for the Good.

You are too important to be held back from making a real change.
You are not at your potential yet.
You are our only hope.
I hear you now I hear, “If its to be its up to me”.

Rise up champions of the earth and reach your potential. Create the world you want to live in.
The world is your canvas how do you want your painting to look ?

Charmaster Dolph Cooke
Co Winner of the United Nations Millennium project award 2011 / 2012

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  • Sai Pong khong December 27, 2012, 9:14 pm

    I am really interested in your Biochar making. I am willing to make it by myself and what to know how to build Biochar kiln. Could you please provide me the process of building the kiln.

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