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Biochar Learning Circles Launched by Biochar Industries

What a great day for a new paradigm shift. Today at a closed meeting of the core group of BiocharIndustries it was announced that project Biochar Learning Circles was complete and ready for active duty.

Dr Paul Wildman PhD has put in many hours of effort coupled with many years of industry experience together with Dr Paul Taylor PhD (editor of the new Biochar book called The Biochar Revolution) to create a truly new pathway to learning that Paul Wildman says  will revolutionise the way people grasp the new information coming out of the Biochar Industry.

Dolph Cooke (Founder of Biochar Industries) was quoted “This indeed resonates with the Dream’s and Goals of Biochar Industries. I am both proud and excited  to be apart of changing the way people learn. Thank You Dr Paul Wildman your incredible foresight and wisdom has produced a diamond in the crown of Biochar Industries.

Biochar Industries will announce shortly the first Biochar Learning Circle event which will be based in and around the Tweed Shire NSW Australia.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke


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