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Biochar Industries Permaculture Hugelkultur Aquaponics Sustainabillity

Biochar industries community collaboration hill of abundance project 2011.

Biochar Industries

Hill of Abundance update for the weekend of 15th and 16th October 2011.

For those of you just joining us I will try and give you a succinct but short introduction to what we are up to down here in Biochar Industries Kunghur.

A special place has been found where we can come and do what we know best in regards to making our planet a place of joy and of course practice , learn, develop and teach ways to live with nature as a friend not a foe.

We are at the beginning of our practice what we preach phase and are planning what we hope will be a sustainable lifestyle that can serve as an example of what can be done. Who are we? we are people who feel there must be more to life. We are not special this is not exclusive we are people who care enough to do something.

Yes that means you are welcome to come and be apart of this life changing project.

Many hands means access to more knowledge there are exemplary people right throughout history such as Rudolf Steiner, Bill Mollison, Anastasia, Viktor schauberger, Nikola Tesla, who all wanted the betterment of our planet and all its inhabitants without wanting payment.

We are the new wave of exemplary pioneers forging our way towards the light.
I like to collectively call us Bush Mechanics. People who want action, people who seek truth, people who care enough to make it happen, real champions.

Sorry I promised succinct and short… But delivered emotional response. in the words of the great guild leaders “Handle it”  : )

If you want to think outside the box or you would like to learn from outside the box our social innovation of a community collaborative space of love is one solution towards self growth.

Without further delay here are some choice pictures of some of the folks who came and shared with us this 1st special event of many. If your reading this and did attend and have pictures please send them on and I will update.

hugelkultur we learnt a bit about this and we are hoping to implement it in our next event. Basically HugelKultur means “Hill Beds” this is a great reuse plan for waste timber of which we have a lot. Follow the above link and learn all about it.

Permaculture. Another concept in which we try to rehabilitate land in a similar fashion to how nature might do it. By allowing our plants to take care of each other and at the same time live in perfect synergy with the environment providing potentials for vast advances in all aspects of agriculture and sustainability. Our expert Permaculture designers helped draw up our plan have a look here. —>

Expert planning for pemaculture sustainabillity

Our permaculture plan for overall sustainabillity Biochar Industries

Aquaponics. This is the art of using nature to provide abundance whilst sustainably keeping each others environments clean. A Technological breakthrough or did nature always work this way? As a lover of Gaia ,Anastasia and life I find myself extremely excited about this concept. These two kingdoms combined to make sure each kingdom reaches its full potential

Biochar. Although our concept is based around a biochar industries we did not much with creating biochar as the weather was wet. However I did manage to set 2 x 44 galllon drums of biochar into innoculation / conditioning mode with our stockpile of worm wee. Next time we are going to have a big biochar fest I promise.

Bush Mechanics. This is about using what is available and combining it with skill and innovation to provide the very best solution. It is more than head knowledge it is more than hand knowledge it is a complete way of life. When I think Bush Mechanic I think of a league of extraordinary people who can access whatever it is they need to know from past, present and future.

Here is a photo of my 3 little bush mechanic apprentices who passed my carefully crafted MAN TESTS to become fine students of the Bush Mechanics Institute.
They are having a much rewarding feast of Eggy Noodles.
Here’s a toast to the FUTURE.

Biochar Industries Bush mechanic apprentices

Anastasia space of love. The ringing cedars of Russia is a series of 10 Books which outline the way Anastasia sees the world. They touch you deeply and allow you to open up the potential that lays dormant in each and every one of us.
I borrowed these books from the Tweed Library and read them twice now I have my very own collection of books 1 through to 6 as part of my reward for attempting to leave the old paradigm. The hill of abundance is my gift to you.

The new paradigm is awaiting Fear is banished and replaced with Abundance. Love rules supreme and life is pure JOY.


Food Forest. This is part of the permaculture concept where you allow food trees to live together as if they are were forest trees. Phenomenally enough they do far better as a team than any and all forms of man made agriculture will ever do. The hill of abundance will become a food forest in time and so will the edges of this wonderful 3000+ acre forest.

MEN WOMEN CHILDREN and DOGS. Was the order of the weekend we had 9 dogs at one point who integrated fairly well.
We had 5 children who integrated even better but the surprise was how well the adults integrated this was pure magic.

We heard stories of how a whole community can live together blissfully in Japan by having a way that everyone has a say on how its run and everyone finishes the process 100% agreeing with the outcome Incredible.

Organic farming. We were visited by our Certified Organics Body Nasaa’s three top inspectors and we had a most enlightening chat and farm walk here is the photo of these great folks and note Janet’s Cookies gracing their hands and tummies:)

Great Folks from the Organic certifying board. Note the cookies : ) Thanks Janet

Where to from here? I think we are going to do another swale soon and incorporate Huglekulture for the ultimate in water conservation.

Thank you everyone who has had an influence on our project I hope you feel that the hill of abundance is yours because it is.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke
Biochar Industries Australia

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