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biochar in Kyogle

biochar in Kyogle the giant pumpkin weigh in

Today biochar in kyogle is becoming more of a household name. Thanks to none other than Charmaster Dolph Cooke spreading the word.

biochar in Kyogle the giant pumpkin weigh in

biochar in kyogle.

What is it?  Where is it?  Whats all the fuss ?

Biochar in Kyogle. Well Biochar is a soil improver made from charcoal. Kyogle is a town about 38klms from Biochar Industries Kunghur for want of a direction it is west. Kyogle’s sign says it is Turkey country however I only saw one Turkey today.

What I did do today was plant the seed for conventional farmers to sprout into fruitful planetary repair whilst saving themselves mega dollars on Fert. Today was the biggest pumpkin weigh in day and I was in charge of the Guess the weight competition.

Biochar in kyogle massive pumpkins

I spoke to many people and switched them onto the idea that biochar can save them money and save their soils. Like I said there was only one turkey I saw today and he came to our stand with a lot of old beliefs and old research spouting off things like using wood chips for methane digestor. I politely asked him where did all the other volitile organic compounds go if he was only capturing methane? opps change the subject LOL funny stuff. Everyone else was fascinated. I even had Gibbo visit the stand and help out with some really cool knowledge from the dark horse.

I was put in charge of the guess the weight of the pumpkin stand. So I set the tlud stumpy up to demonstrate how to make your own biochar in Kyogle. With the first lot of biochar from our breakfast cookup I made a char art drawing of a portal around the front of the Pumpkin and I used my silly humor to get people asking what is biochar.

I said if you want to guess the number you have to stand inside the biochar portal and because carbon attracts life you will get an intuition for what the weight will be. This was really funny most people were embarised to do it but did not hesitate to change the subject and ask What is biochar ?

Biochar in Kyogle or what it would look like

It must of worked becuase 3 people all came equal first in guessing the weight of the giant pumpkin. Another silly thing I was saying was these pumpkins are so big because of biochar. Someone would say did the farmers use biochar ? lots of people would gather in for the answer and I would say NO but what i they did ?

Lots of Laughs I felt like a ringmaster more than a charmaster but lets face it the words on everyone’s lips tonight will be Biochar in kyogle.

Next year I have devised a plan. I have a friend who invited me to this event and she is going to get me a few seeds from these big pumpkins. I am going to plant them in my big biochar compost pile and allow it to grow super huge then enter it for next event. When I win all the farmers are going to know about Biochar. Does this sound like a plan ? Yes now buy your biochar here.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke


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