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biochar Holland or bust. Spreading the word biochar

Biochar Holland or bust with Thaila

Biochar Holland or bust. This is the second time now that Biochar Industries and Biochar Project has had International visitors from Holland. Since they are very skilled at agriculture. I feel great pride that they would come half way around the world to see what Charmaster Dolph is up to.

Our latest visitors were from the south of Holland in a part that almost touches three borders of other countries within 5 minutes drive. They had come to Australia seeking to learn more about permaculture. They contacted me and asked if they could learn about Biochar. Naturally I said yes.

So they came and stayed with me for a twelve day intensive into Biochar, Permaculture and forestry.

I took them through many long days of hard work. I taught them the entire routine that I use personally to create barefoot biochar. I also broke it up with more long days of lemon myrtle distillation. I am a firm believer that if you do it you will learn much more than if you watch it or hear it.

Here are some photos we took whilst our guests from Holland created biochar.

Biochar Holland.

Biochar Holland or bust with Thaila

Thaila our biochar trainee wearing the traditional cloth of the Charmaster. BLACK

Thaila working hard in the Biochar area

A short Video of the Biochar Industries area showing both Frank and Thaila performing a Moxham Burn in the rain.
Biochar Holland lets go.


Charmaster Dolph Cooke also has a hidden link to Holland via Australia. Can you guess what it is ?

Holland !!!! Here we come Biochar Industries Yaaaahhhh

Late last year we were also visited by some High ranking Dutch officials. We had The Australian Dutch Consulate general and the Dutch Minister for Trade. Apparently the Trade minister was in Australia looking at Agricultural innovations. He asked to have his slate cleared so he could travel to Kunghur and visit Biochar industries.

Later after talking with them both. I found out that 5 or the many operations he had visited on his mission were talking highly of our Barefoot biochar and how it has improved their business. He just had to come and see for himself. Biochar Holland or Bust.

Holland officials looking at Biochar

I gave them both a great tour and a fascinating insight into biochar Industries. I also gave them both a 2 litre bag of Barefoot Biochar. Found on our website. Biochar for sale. As they had restrictions on the load they could carry back on the plane. Yes folks after all these years I am still spreading the word about Biochar.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke.

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