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Biochar gasifier project results from first firing.

The johnny rogers biochar gasifier alight at biochar industries

Here is the latest info on the Biochar gasifier I found on YouTube the one that John Rogers created. Read previous post on this subject here.

Firstly it cost $6.00 to build and approximately 2 hours.

a biochar gasifier made from old 44 drums with charmaster Dolph and wombat from Biochar Industries

Hey she aint pretty but she is REUSED. Wombat says Hi.

Next I loaded her up with wood chips which were 4 different kinds of hardwood gumtrees. Then I waited until we all finished Easter dinner before lighting her up in the dark. I can still smell the biochar cooking.

The johnny rogers biochar gasifier alight at biochar industries

Roaring now Biochar incoming, Check out the even burn line.

She got off to a great start but then the chips were too wet and she slowed down somewhat. I was expecting a 1hour 30 min  burn time but it took all night to smoulder away.

The payload of biochar from this project.

The pay load somewhat more than the beginner char mk1

Sweet Easter Dreams my Char Babies

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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