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Biochar Basics Show on 28th of May Byangum NSW Australia.

Biochar Basics
with Charmaster  Dolph Cooke from
Biochar Industries

When  :                                          28th may at 9:00am…

Where :                                          Bio Organic Farm 2 Boulder Close Byangum NSW 2484

Duration :                                      3 hours

Cost :                                              $15.00 per person.

Contact :                                        Zehavit & Avi

E: organic_farm@bigpond.com T: +61 2 6672 7078

You will learn –

  • How to make Biochar
  • How to condition Biochar
  • Some of Biochar’s  amazing properties
  • How to create your own free kiln
  • About Biochar Learning Circles locally
  • Hands on practical applications for Biochar


Plus get to have your questions answered over a cuppa and a fire whilst networking with likeminded farmers and  gardeners


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