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Biochar Bash at Biochar Industries Australia day weekend

Biochar Bash 2013 Australia day Biochar Industries

Biochar Bash is on again folks. This time there is much more to do and see.

Biochar Bash 2013

Australia Day Weekend of the 26th – 27th January.


Biochar Industries Kunghur
Camping on the Hill of Abundance.


Camping equipment, all your own food, Work clothes, Hat, Swimmers, Towels, Drinks,
Cameras, Laptops and anything special you need to be comfortable.


Donation of $20.00 and bring a Food tree to plant on the hill of abundance.


Arrive Friday afternoon and We get started Saturday Morning 7am Breakfast.
Several activities will be run at the same time so if you get Bored / Tired move around
and try them all. We will be doing impromptu talks and Videos on all things Biochar.

During the day we can swim in the large dam to cool off and for the real adventurous we have
bush mechanic short introductions to many Biochar Industries daily tasks,

Biochar Bash is more than just a Biochar Experience it is also an interactive giving and receiving to this wonderful community project. So we hope to finish off some projects from 2012 like.

The Worlds First Hemp Earthship Drying Shed.

Food Security Food tree shade house erection.

Then on Sunday after preparing for the Moxham Burn. We will spend all day tending the moxham and creating over 4 cubic meters of biochar as well as doing all the other activities that form the day to day running of Biochar Industries.

Right through out the weekend we will be shooting footage for Biochar the Movie.

Biochar Bash RSVP:

To avoid disappointment get in early as the event will be limited to 30 people.

email dolph@biocharproject.org

or mail biochar Industries pobox 3189 UKI NSW 2484.


See the main page on the biochar industries website or click here ->
Biochar Bash Map

If you know something about Biochar and would like to present a topic let me know now and we can add you to the program.

There is also a facebook event to join if you do that -> Here

Be a champ and spread the word to everyone you know who is curious on biochar.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Biochar Bash 2013 Australia day Biochar Industries

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