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Bamboo Charcoal facts or fantasy you decide for yourself

Skull drawn with charcoal

Bamboo charcoal interesting facts.
Hey folks I found this on Facebook of all places is it real or is it Fantasy.
You should decide for yourself.

1. A mummy was found in China during the excavation of a tomb, which was ascertained to be 2,100 years old. This mummy was a 53-year-old noble lady who died from the stricture of the heart. Upon careful examinations, the mummy was found to be as fresh as a 4-day-old corpse. Inside her stomach were more than 170 melon seeds. These seeds were planted for experimental reasons, and all of them germinated. These astonishing facts were soon
explained when the excavators found 5 tons of charcoal at the bottom of the tomb. It seems all the once-living things were protected and kept fresh by the billions of negative ions made by the charcoal for over 2,000 years!

bamboo charcoal Skull drawn with charcoal

2. Bamboo charcoal dissipates electromagnetic (EM) waves by bouncing them. When EM waves leave a computer monitor, for example, they seek a good electric conductor nearby. When bamboo charcoal, which is also a good conductor of electricity, happens to be nearby, some EM waves will go to it before reaching the human body. Once such waves enter the bamboo charcoal, they are bounced around by the surfaces of the pores, gradually slowing down their speed, and eliminated completely.

3. The porosity of charcoal explains why it floats on the surface of water,
although it is actually denser. This also accounts for its ability to readily
absorb gases and liquids; charcoal is often used to filter water or absorb odors. Charcoal filters are used in some types of gas mask to remove poisonous gases from inhaled air.

4. Using nanometre technology, bamboo charcoal can be interwoven into the threads of clothing. The clothing then has an anti-fungal quality, eliminates odours, and helps reject dampness.

5. In the 1870’s, Thomas Edison used carbonized bamboo fibre as filament in the development of the light bulb. The carbonized filament he used then still works and is on display at the Smithosionan in Washington D.C.

6. An increasing number of companies and individuals in Japan use charcoal for the foundations of their factories, office buildings, and homes. Reports indicate, among other things, that the people working or living above the charcoal foundations get less tired and that wood used in the structures deteriorates less quickly.

7. Many Japanese kitchens use charcoal inside the oil for frying, because the oil becomes rancid less quickly and can be used for many days, as long as the charcoal is kept inside the oil all the time.

8. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and some species can grow up to 1.2 metres a day if conditions are good. The plant usually matures in three to five years, and renews itself without the need for replanting.

Bamboo Charcoal

I have a valley of charcoal and a Kiln so I am going to make Bamboo Biochar.

Found this on Djanbung Gardens Facebook page.

Charmaster Dolph

P.s if you know any other facts on biochar / charcoal send them to me please.

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  • James November 19, 2011, 9:18 am

    Hi there, I came across this website http://www.purebamboo.com.au . They have a huge range of products mde of Bamboo charcoal, even treats for dogs and shampoos,soaps…….

    Very interesting!

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