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A trial to see if Biochar can enhance plant growth

Dear viewers,
I have a quick trial to share with you. Recently I presented at a biochar event in Uki at the castle on the hill as a speaker and within my presentation I displayed my  biochar project. Does Biochar enhance plant growth in a hydroponic environment ?

You decide for yourself after seeing these photos and reading the accompaning story.

Hydrochar experiment comm. 02-03-2011
Design parameters: No Dig, No Bend, No Bugs, No Weeds, No Watering, No space use, No Pump, No light, No electricity. Medium: 50/50 Perlite and Carbon8 – chunky and fine mixed. Nutrients: Ionic @ $0.60/charge (which lasts 4-6weeks) + $3 for plants = $5 all up. Australian AutoPot system.
First harvest 2.5wks at $4.00ea. Total harvests from this AP system: 6-8 (salad greens) for two people.


Dr Paul Wildman

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  • Laura April 12, 2012, 11:53 am

    It is hard to make any judgement from the presented imaginary, without explicit showing which parts are not biochar’ed

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