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5 Days on the Land building the dream

Well so much to tell since last I corresponded on such miracles as biochar. Still so much under wraps as I ready an Industry only media release of the next biocharproject.org project.

What I can say is it is BIG. Really really BIG

What I can show you is the before PHOTOS : )

What I can leak if wikileaks doesn’t beat me to it is. Its local to my home shire. Tweed shire NSW Australia.

Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce to you a GLIMPSE of the next BIOCHARPROJECT.ORG project —–>The Biochar BLANK

(You will have to wait for the real media release Sorry : )

View one of Before A closer Look at Project X


Even Closer : ) What could it be.
Its the newest Biocharproject.org Project.
3000 Acres of project
Stay Tuned for more exciting updates
Charmaster Dolph
More Pix to Piq your interest. : )

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  • Erich J. Knight December 5, 2010, 5:53 am

    What a tease you are ………. so you have an old saw mill and a bulldozer and a big metal tank on 3000 acres……..?
    You turning that tank into a retort?
    Does your good angel also have funding for you?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • admin December 31, 2010, 12:37 pm

    Hahaha Erich,

    1st of the 1st 2011 is the official date of the new surprise.
    Its is such a simple plan but I am finding it sooooo Hard to explain to academics whom are boxed into the old paradigm.

    But my friend just to let you in on the secret its going to be BIG.
    The biocharproject has created its very first full blown project.

    On the subject of Money….. I once watched a film where an american farm dug up his entire corn field and made a baseball diamond on it.
    when he was asked what he was doing all he could say was IF I BUILD IT THEY WILL COME.
    I have been building it and I have no doubt the Money will come.

    Charmaster Dolph

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