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1st of the 1st 2011 BIRTH of BIOCHARINDUSTRIES

Yesterday was the official birth of my newest project. Biochar Industries is a new paradigm in environmental sustainability, Education, Industry, Cooperation and much more.

Biocharindustries.com will be the home of this new co-creation.

Please send me emails if you want to get involved at dolph@biocharproject.org as I await for the new site to come online.

Here are some photos of the new office/accommodation deep in the middle of 3000 acres of forest after two team members worked all day organizing and cataloging.

Inside the shed halfway through cleanup

More in the shed

This is a before of the north inside the shed

Looking North after the clean up

Relaxing after the hard work

To be continued I have run out of time at the local cafe

I promise I will run the spell checker tomorrow : )

Charmaster Dolph

Ok Spellchecker on and pictures off lol something wrong happened.

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  • Angela Mellows January 13, 2011, 12:35 pm

    Interesting meeting you at the Daily News Office today. Look forward to you getting a piece ready for the editor. Good Luck.

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