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biochar projects 2013

Biochar Projects 2013.

Well we bit off more than we could chew in 2012 Because we were told it was the end of the World!!!

Biochar projects 2013 has some exciting concepts but I will finish up other projects before I reveal them.

So 2013 will be a year of chewing and swallowing then we will set up new projects after that.

I would like to review what projects we did in 2012 and what ones did not finish and of course an update on them.

Stay tuned.

Charmaster Dolph


Biochar projects 2013.

Here are the projects from 2012 I will place next to the headings Infancy, Completed, Ongoing, Due to Complete or Abandoned in red so you have a quick guide. Also if the read more links do not work I have not linked them in yet. They will be working as soon as I update each page.

1. Biochar Industries Ongoing
Read More

2. Black Corps Infancy
Read More

3. Community Sustainable Organic compost and biochar facility Infancy
Read More

4. Hill of Abundance food security for 500 families Infancy
Read More

5. Community Sustainable weeds out carbon in project Due to complete
Read More
6. Project Alpha and Omega Infancy
Read More
7. Sustainable Biochar Education Facility Infancy
Read More

8. Project Anastasia Infancy
Read More

9. Biochar the movie Due to complete
Read More

10. Biochar Association of Australia Inc. Completed and Ongoing
Read More

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