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Low cost charcoal without wood.


Charcoal, Biochar, India Just got this link from a friend and although it is quite old the story needs to be told again for the new breed of Charmasters…. With much respect I duplicate this work found at Good News India ARTI of Pune wins the Ashden Prize for a system to turn sugar cane […]

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5 Days on the Land building the dream

Well so much to tell since last I corresponded on such miracles as biochar. Still so much under wraps as I ready an Industry only media release of the next biocharproject.org project. What I can say is it is BIG. Really really BIG What I can show you is the before PHOTOS : ) What […]

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Uki Saw Mill a Biocharians dream come true

Wood Pile from UKI saw mill

UKI SAW MILL Today a friend and I went on a MAN tour of our local sawmill. It was such a great place. Some of the fattest logs I have ever seen where getting cut in half by the biggest saw blade I had ever seen. This place is fantastic from more than one perspective. […]

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