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Charmaster Dolph Cooke Creator of the Stumpy

Biochar Tlud called Stumpy Australian biochar project kunghur

Biochar Tlud called Stumpy from Australia.

Last week I went to the Labrador men’s shed to help work out the finishing tweaks for a project I started last year. I have decided to call her “Stumpy” the tlud.

Biochar Tlud Stumpy

Biochar Expert team from Labrador Men shed

What’s so special about Biochar Tlud stumpy you ask ?

She is special on several levels. Firstly she is build from unusable LP Gas containers. In our country (Australia) these containers have a life span of 10 years then they have to be retested. However it costs more to retest it than it does to buy a new one so guess what? Cha ching you guessed it throw away society / Landfill.

LPG gas bottles from Australia being thrown out

Begining of Biochar Tlud stumpy

Secondly they are built by the men of the men shed who are retired and probably all have to be retested as well 😛 And have a guess what?

Yep you got it its cheaper to get children to do the work we have left in Australia than it is to retrain these men. No where on earth though will you find artisan-ship like this we are talking old school pride – Australian Made.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke Creator of the Stumpy

Thirdly Biochar Tlud Stumpy is destined to help out in unlucky countries where the folks there still have to cook on wood or charcoal. She has several levels of benefits to offer. Small children will not get burned / Smokeless operation saves the cook from lung cancer or worse / By-products at the end of the burn are useful to help the environment / efficient design ensures less wood waste.

Fourthly Biochar Tlud Stumpy is open source so you can make her yourself or help out with our goals to bring enough of them to unlucky countries.

Seting fire to the biochar tlud stumpies

Fifthly Biochar Tlud Stumpy is modular. Yeah Yeah now you get it.

She is a real Man Tool. Although I have no photos of the addons I will run them off here to re ignite your imaginations.

They are off and racing biochar tlud stumpyADDONS.

1. A batch retort for bigger wood exactly like the Jolly Roger Ovens
2. A BBQ plate
(Yeah man have a look at the photos of us cooking dinner on her boiled our soup in less than 5 mins)

Makeshift cooker charmaster and friends

Biochar stumpy in action

Note the Stubbie in the air inlet to help control the flame

3. A smoker box to make the fresh eels taste oh so delicate.
4. A Bash Box (Biochar & Site heat) To heat your water / chill your beers etc.
5. Condenser to make Oils, Tars, fuels and Smoke water.

6. Come on you biocharians get your brains ticking what else can we add on to this man tool from the old school.

testing the stumpies gold coast council members on hand

Anyway got a bit off track just then but we also did tests and had 2 representatives of the Gold Coast City Council who had more information thirst than a freshly biochared bamboo forest. Yeah they were asking all the curly ones lucky I was there HEY : )

biochar science

Exacting biochar Science hahahaha

Awesome day lots learnt took away with me 4 models and that weekend sold 2 of them at the local farmers market and took orders for more.

So now if we can make something as good as the stupmy on a budget of Nothing. Imagine what we can make together on a budget of $20 Grand.

YEP you heard me right I want to make a open source farm sized biochar reactor (I like that word) Test the ring out of it then give it away to the community. Anyone Interested in helping out ?

Charmaster Dolph Cooke
The host with the most : )

Kunghur Group on Virge of commercial reality. Kunghur Group aka Biochar Industries.

Today I picked up the local paper and smack bang on the second page is a big article about Biochar. How wonderful we are really making waves now and I am glad to say what I have been working on namely Biocharindustries was also given a mention a somewhat obscure one at that.

I know my readers, all the volunteers and the core team all know what is meant when they say “The Kunghur Group” so having a mention this big in such an esteemed publication is exciting. However it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Kunghur Group on Virge of commercial reality. Kunghur Group aka Biochar Industries.

Kunghur a very beautiful village in the west of the tweed shire is home to Biochar Industries ( website ) and Biocharproject.org (website ) which together represents the combined efforts of Dolph Cooke and his late mentor Geoff Moxham’s ( website ) passion for Biochar, Fire and all things natural.

Dolph Cooke says ” Geoff has left a honorable legacy behind and I am one of many who have picked up where he left off both in terms of looking after Humanity and (y)Our planet.”

The concept “(y)Our ” is an all encompassing way to describe what is collectively Ours Thank you Dr Paul Wildman for showing me this concept.

To see the Article in its entirity you will need to follow this link to the Tweed Shire Echo’s Website.

Also in the news locally here is Dr Paul Taylor whom is working with BiocharIndustries and has written an Authoritive book on Biochar called The Biochar Revolution. To see the article click here. ( website )

Thanks to everyone

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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What is Biochar?

I have found this treasure whilst making my rounds on the site. So I have written it in as part of my blog so many more people can see this gem.

What is Bio Char ?

As far as I understand it it is the separation of the carbon from the rest of the wood by using an oxygen-less environment to cook the other parts out with.

Of course your left with charcoal with varying degrees of success depending on the system you use.

This charcoal has many positive properties and the one I work with is its ability to rejuvenate the planet.

Char char biochar

Biochar has been described as “the single most important initiative for humanity’s environmental future … it allows us to address food security, the fuel crisis, and the climate problem, all in an immensely practical manner.” Prof. Tim Flannery, Australian of the Year 2007


What is Biochar?

Biochar is charcoal produced by heating organic material at a high temperature in limited oxygen. It is a stable, aromatic product, very rich in carbon, used to lock carbon into the soil.

What are the benefits of Biochar?

Digging Biochar into the earth has been shown to improve water quality, increase soil fertility and raise agricultural productivity. It can

  • increase the water holding capacity of the soil
  • increase crop production
  • increase soil carbon levels
  • increase soil pH
  • decrease Aluminium toxicity
  • change the microbiology of the soil
  • decrease soil emissions of the greenhouse gases CO2, N2O and CH4
  • improve soil conditions for earthworm populations
  • improve fertiliser use efficiency

The effects of biochar will vary with soil type and the particular biochar used. Studies thus far have shown that the greatest positive effects of biochar applications have been in highly degraded, acidic or nutrient-depleted soils.

How is Biochar made?

Biochar can be produced from any organic material such as household green waste, paper waste or agricultural waste. It is made in a specially constructed incinerator that heats the organic material under pressure at temperatures above 430 °C The process, called pyrolysis, efficiently decomposes the bio matter, producing the biochar solid, a small amount of bio-oil and gases that can be use to create electricity. The production of Biochar is thus a carbon negative process overall.

How does Biochar help with cllimate change?

The burning of trees and agricultural waste contributes a large amount of the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere and is a significant factor in global warming. The production and use of biochar breaks into the CO2 cycle, releasing oxygen and drawing carbon from the atmosphere to hold it in the soil.

Stop Press Thanks Erich J. Knight

Not talked about in the list above are the climate and whole ecological implications of new , higher value, applications of chars.

the insitu remediation of a vast variety of toxic agents in soils and sediments.
Biochar Sorption of Contaminants; http://www.biorenew.iastate.edu/events/biochar2010/conference-agenda/agenda-overview/breakout-session-5/agriculture-forestry-soil-science-and-environment.html

Dr. Lima’s work;
Specialized Characterization Methods for Biochar
And at USDA; The Ultimate Trash To Treasure: *ARS Research Turns Poultry Waste into Toxin-grabbing Char

the uses as a feed ration for livestock to reduce GHG emissions and increase disease resistance.

Recent work by C. Steiner showing a 52% reduction of NH3 loss when char is used as a composting accelerator. This will have profound value added consequences for the commercial composting industry by reduction of their GHG emissions and the sale of compost as a nitrogen fertilizer.

Biochar allows the soil food web to build much more recalcitrant organic carbon, ( living biomass & Glomalins) in addition to the carbon in the biochar.

Every 1 ton of Biomass yields 1/3 ton Charcoal for soil Sequestration (= to 1 Ton CO2e) + Bio-Gas & Bio-oil fuels = to 1MWh exported electricity, so is a totally virtuous, carbon negative energy cycle.

Thank you Erich 

Start of The Biochar Project Tour of Australia

Our official tour of Australia has begun. I have headed off to Avatars abode in the sunshine coast meanwhile apprentice char-master Shaneo is preparing the trusty old Bio-char Truck for the big camp-out.

We have decided to take the route west to Kungur and settle there for a while as we discover the secrets of the tweed shire and perhaps get my first Bio-char Project off the ground.

I will post some photos of the Truck , Avatars abode and the small biochar cooker that Dr Paul Taylor told me how to make as soon as I get back to my base. So much to organise.

Looking forward to just doing it.

Char-master Dolph