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Australia's First Adam Retort biochar Kiln Kunghur NSW

Australia’s first Adam retort Biochar Kiln

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Introducing Australia’s first Adam retort Biochar Kiln….it is nearly complete

Australia's First Adam Retort biochar Kiln Kunghur NSW

What are we going to call her ?

after today’s huge effort by the Biochar Industries team Kunghur NSW.
Update from our previous post Adam Retort . We did a colossal day on the tools today resulting in a big boost for our morale.

adam retort building up the firebox at biochar industries Kunghur

building up the firebox

To make the occasion even more special Biochar Expert Dr Paul Taylor PhD was on hand to break this amazing news.

adam retort Biochar Kiln finishing the block work at biochar industries australia

Finishing the Block work

“This is the first Adam Retort in Australia and it will be the first commercial Adam retort in the western world” Said Dr Paul Taylor PhD Author and Editor of the Book The Biochar Revolution. This statement had Charmaster Dolph Cooke falling off his chair.

Adam retort Biochar Kiln setting the chimney Kunghur Australia

Chimney starts to ascend

“I knew I was working hard to get the Biochar Industries and education centre up and running but I never realised I was creating history at the same time”

adam retort biochar kiln building the roof of the fire box at Biochar Industrieskunghur NSW

Firebox roof goes on next

Dr Paul Taylor Phd is the sole licensee for the Adam retort Biochar kilns in Australia. He used his research skills to improve on the award winning design and has spent six month’s on this project. The result is a bigger, leaner and stronger model that will outlast the hardiest Charmaster : )

Adam Retort Biochar Kiln with stainless steel bottom plate waiting to go in

Ohh Stainless Steel bottom sheet : )

Here are a few pictures of today’s efforts and I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank those quiet achievers on my team who have helped me get further than I had imagined and who will be by my side for a long time to come. I thank you.

adam retort inside the box biochar industries kunghur Nsw Australia

Inside the Box

Some facts about the Adam Retort Biochar Kiln :
Capacity 1tonne to 1.5 tonne Biomass
Output 300kgs – 500kgs of Biochar
Cycle approximately 8 hours
Efficiency 50kgs of wood can pyrolyse 1.5 tonne through self heating mechanisms. 30:1 ratio
Today’s Team
Dr Paul Taylor, Steve Graham (Kiln Builder), Chris (Photographer) Charmaster Dolph Cooke. Special thanks to Murwillumbah Landscape Supplies.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke working on Adam retort biochar kiln at Kunghur

WTF is Charmaster Dolph Cooke doing ?

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

P.s Thanks for putting up with me : )


Happy 1st Birthday Biocharproject.org D.o.B 12th April 2010

What a fabulous year it has been here at biocharproject.org can you believe it 356 days of eating, sleeping, working, thinking, dreaming, doing, promoting, selling, educating, creating, learning Biochar.

PHEWWW usually birthdays are for celebrating and do tell me what parent would forget their one year olds birthday ?

/raises hand (Sheepishly) Yep I admit  forgot it Completely forgot it but thankfully the greedy money hungry oligarchy of elites did not forget and gave me a good 12 hours of downtime to make me remember next year. Oh thank you the benevolent illuminate for caring 😛

So I have to make it up to you all especially my beautiful precious (Strokes ring) and I have just the perfect thing… The other night like midnight I get a link through the email to a video on making biochar.

I downloaded it went to bed and watched it for breakfast. OMG this is what I have been looking for I am SOOOOO going to make it and video it for all to see



Charmaster Dolph

Kunghur Group on Virge of commercial reality. Kunghur Group aka Biochar Industries.

Today I picked up the local paper and smack bang on the second page is a big article about Biochar. How wonderful we are really making waves now and I am glad to say what I have been working on namely Biocharindustries was also given a mention a somewhat obscure one at that.

I know my readers, all the volunteers and the core team all know what is meant when they say “The Kunghur Group” so having a mention this big in such an esteemed publication is exciting. However it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Kunghur Group on Virge of commercial reality. Kunghur Group aka Biochar Industries.

Kunghur a very beautiful village in the west of the tweed shire is home to Biochar Industries ( website ) and Biocharproject.org (website ) which together represents the combined efforts of Dolph Cooke and his late mentor Geoff Moxham’s ( website ) passion for Biochar, Fire and all things natural.

Dolph Cooke says ” Geoff has left a honorable legacy behind and I am one of many who have picked up where he left off both in terms of looking after Humanity and (y)Our planet.”

The concept “(y)Our ” is an all encompassing way to describe what is collectively Ours Thank you Dr Paul Wildman for showing me this concept.

To see the Article in its entirity you will need to follow this link to the Tweed Shire Echo’s Website.

Also in the news locally here is Dr Paul Taylor whom is working with BiocharIndustries and has written an Authoritive book on Biochar called The Biochar Revolution. To see the article click here. ( website )

Thanks to everyone

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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