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Sunday lazy Sunday Yeah Right hahahaha

Today started off like any other day so i figured because it was sunday I would have a lazy Day.

YEAH RIGHT someone had other plans.

As we sat about with the new biochar book created by Paul Taylor and 18 other biochar experts working out the formula for our latest compost. Aged Goats poo and biochar.


Enjoying a slow flowing day something was already heading towards us like a metaphysical tsunami gaining momentum faster than we were gaining relaxation.

We took our time making sure our calculations were correct and making sure the resulting effort was the right ph value. We were filled with joy when we cracked the right formula and decided that was enough work for the day lets chill out.


And right out of Left field poped the fabled Bush Shed Construction Kit from hell Oldmate from Kunghur. He is full of enthusiasm and energy shouting out Righto lets get to work building the drying shed pronto. Our lazy day was destroyed as quick as you could say Jack in the Box.


But we wanted our sheds and we wanted the knowlegde gained and we are such champions it became a real joy. I walked around in bare feet as nature recharged my batteries and the team where right into it story telling and working hard we got a monumental amount of work done in a relatively short time plus as usual I was joking around and being the clown.


Then we went off to lunch.

Where there was more Drama : )

Charmaster Dolph

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