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Here we are awaiting training at the biodynamic field day

Biodynamic farming methods and biochar

Biodynamic farming is the word for today as I just completed a field day on Sunday. The goal for me is to gather as much knowledge of earth repairing technologies, so I can steadily convert it to wisdom as I practice over the next few years.

The day was at james here are the folks 21 all up

Learning Biodynamic farming concepts

Biochar as you know is a rock solid foundation on which microbes can build their families and colonies in, it is like offering each family a high rise apartment block for their own use with no conditions. How many people would love something like that ?

Sure I have spent considerable time on researching what is the best ways of populating biochar with microbes. This is why I went to the biodynamic farming field day. In the past I have studied the work of Rudolf Steiner the book is called agriculture. What I took away from these books is the concept of spiritual farming which excites me no end.

Biodynamic farming

Compost is a great way to introduce microbes to biochar

biodynamic Compost is a great way to introduce microbes to biochar

It wasn’t until now that I understood that biodynamic farming is all about the microbes. Microbes on mass we are talking about a 35 gram of properly made biodynamic preparation holds as much as 500 million (500,000,000) microbes.

My initial thoughts were wow imagine giving all those microbes a new home that would last a couple of hundred thousand generation. This could be what I am looking for microbes for my biochar.

Here we are awaiting training at the biodynamic field day

Here are folks awaiting the lectures by lise

So I asked the question “Is biochar suitable to be used with biodynamic farming preparations”.
The answer was “NO”. Lise went on to explain that 2 weeks ago at a biodynamic field day in Gatton, the father of biodynamic farming in Australia Mr Alex Podolinsky was asked the similar question and his response was “No”.

However once we started to walk to the compost demonstration two ladies both approached me and said they were at the Gatton field day and believe that Mr Alex Podolinsky did not understand what biochar was they said he thought it was coal. So now it is my job to research if in fact biochar can play a significant role in biodynamic farming and of course if biodynamic preperations will work well with biochar.

Voodoo box with alsorts of unexplaineable features

A biodynamic preparation holding box

Here is my hunch (not very scientific I know). Biochar needs microbes and microbes need a safe haven to grow to their potential. Byodynamic preparation 500 offers lots of microbes but they are only available for 1 hour after activation.

However the other biodynamic preparations  502 ,503 ,504 ,505 ,506 ,507 ,508 all work well in a compost system.
Biochar works extremely well in a compost system. Biochar and biodynamics could well be the missing link.

Lise showing us how its done

Lise demonstrates how Biodynamic preperation 501 needs to be applied

So here is my open invitation to anyone let me know what your thoughts are on this subject, weather it be knowledge / wisdom / information / trials / tests / channeled information direct from Rudolph. I would like to start a dialogue on this concept.

I will be commencing test trials at the hill of abundance just as soon as I can. My intuition says Yes their is a role for biochar in biodynamics. Charmaster Dolph Cooke will be the grand daddy of Biodynamic Biochar you read it first right here.

I would like to thank James for hosting the biodynamic farming field day. Jim for organising the day.  Lise for presenting all about biodynamic preparations and farming methods. A big thank you to all the newly initiated biodynamic farmers that attended and thank you for your interactions you all inspire me absolutely

Charmaster Dolph Cooke
On the case for Biochar.
Founder Bioichar Industries
Kunghur NSW Australia.

biochar making 60L drum and paint can full of wood to turn into biochar

biochar making on a budget with charmaster dolph

Biochar Making with Charmaster Dolph

Biochar making on a budget. Welcome to my first episode : ) Right here is where you will learn some great ideas to help you get started making your own biochar.

Biochar making on a budget of $5

You will need –

1. An empty 205 litre drum ( I got for free)

2. An empty 60 litre drum ( I got for free)

3. An old paint tin with lid ( I got for free)

4. A packet of matches $0.50

5. Wood to biochar ( I got for free)

6. Wood to burn ( I got for free)

7. Cold chisel to cut lids of drums and punch ventilation holes around the 205 litre drum. $4.50

Lets get started I will let my pictures tell the Story.

biochar making 60L drum and paint can full of wood to turn into biochar
biochar making 60L drum and paint can full of wood to turn into biochar

Biochar is good for the soil. When a soil is well balanced then it is good for your food. When your food is well balanced it is good for you. When you are well balanced you are good for the earth. When the earth is well balanced then I am happy.

biochar making 60L inside 44 Gallon upsidedown biochar project

biochar making 60L drum upsidedown inside 205 litre drum biochar project

Next we need to fill her up with wood.

biochar making stacking 44 Gallon with wood

biochar making stacking 44 Gallon with wood

And fill her some more : ) after all we want the best biochar so we need to make the fire HOT.

 biochar making Stacking drum to burn from the top down

biochar making Stacking drum to burn from the top down

Now we can light her up : )

biochar making Safety first light her up

biochar making Safety first light her up

Lets look closer at the setup.

biochar making Closeup of primary air inlet

biochar making Closeup of primary air inlet

Let her cook until the fire goes out. Then you can upend the big drum and retrieve the little drum that is 1/4 full of biochar. Look the little paint can is lit up as well.

biochar making paint can gases lit up - making biochar

biochar making paint can gases lit up – making biochar

So now you have seen the photos I will run through the details with you. Cut lid off 205 litre drum then at the other end make holes around the bottom this will be our primary air to allow the fire to burn. Now cut lid of the 60 litre drum and fill it with wood that you want to biochar. Note if you pack it with fine wood saw dust it will take a long time to pyrolize the same as if you packed it with big lumps of wood so rule here is to fill it with various size wood. Open your paint tin fill it with wood put the lid on and punch a hole in the lid. Now lay the 205 litre drum on its side and do the same with the 60 litre drum then push the 60 inside the 205 then lift the 205 upright again. Stack around the 60 litre lots of wood to burn and then make a kindling stack at the top for easy lighting. Light her up and enjoy the attraction, warmth and experience.

Happy Biochar Making

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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On the 10th Day of the 10th Month of the 10th Year


Charmaster Dolph Cooke reporting for duty. This time with the largest quest ever attempted— To raise awareness for biochar and climate change. Where ? Mullumbimby Community Gardens. When ? Have you not been awake ? LOL

On the 10th Day of the 10th Month of the 10th Year Also know as 10-10-10.

You can help in many ways.

1. Come to the event.
2. Send the event to your network and let your friends tell their friends.
3. Support the event in anyway you can
4. Come down and display your enviromental warez
5. Come sell food, drinks or entertainment.
6. Join with me from anywhere in our world as we set an Intention to enliven the earth so she can look after us forever.

10-10-10 is world climate change action day and I am offering up a solution so we can get hands on and understand what needs to be done. Lets not leave it for our kids to work out lets show em what we’ve got.

1 ounce of action is worth 1 ton of theory.

Here is what I have said on the 350.org site.

We are going to make lots of biochar in many beginnerchar mk1 Biochar containers infact we are going to break and set a new world record for Biochar. Community gardens will benefit from all the biochar made and so will the community and planet. So come on get down and help out as we strengthen our community and teach everyone how to make biochar for themselves.

Fun for the whole family and of course Dolph Cooke’s famous Vegetarian Indian curry made from community garden produce picked on the day. Come and see how Mullumbimby is leading the seven local shires by their commitment to Community and the environment. Also we will be unveiling the new community composting toilets. Stay tuned for more events as more people offer up ideas and action to help climate change.

Join my action by signing up at any of the following links REMEMBER your action is worth a ton of theory so even just attending my event in your heart is like the tip of the iceburg POWERFUL STUFF.





Join us in spirit if your not living local.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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