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Organic farmer uses mini Moxham to turn waste into biochar

Organic farmer uses mini Moxham to turn waste into biochar

Organic farmer plus mini moxham equals Biochar. (OF+mM=C). How is that for a headline ? Yeah Yeah I know.. Enjoy the adventure.

organic farmer uses mini moxham biochar unit

Once upon a time in that mystical evergreen country side known as Northern Rivers of New South Wales Australia. I was having a hard earned rest and cup of chai after a particularly grueling lemon myrtle distillation. My conversation was directed to Farmer Paul’s big stack of lemon myrtle twigs of what he called an unused resource.

Organic Farmer uses biochar in Nimbin


“Charmaster Dolph do you believe I could easily turn this mountain of twigs into Biochar ?”

Without even thinking I blurted out “Shit yeah Dawg” to the crew who had gathered close to hear my Professional opinion. I guess it wasn’t what they were expecting as everyone seemed to be either spitting out their chai / rolling around laughing or wiping there noses that the freshly sipped chia was now dribbling out of.

Organic farmer uses mini Moxham to turn waste into biochar

Talk about having fun… Above Organic Farmer Paul and Charmaster Dolph.

So we decided to hook up some time later and give it a shot with the Mini Moxham.

Organic Farmer Paul was enthusiastically loading the mini moxham biochar unit as fast as he possibly could. The mini Moxham was gobbling up the lemon myrtle twigs as if they were lollies. We had a super fun time and got a lot of great photos.

Organic farmer full load of biochar

This one shows the ash coated top layer of biochar and if you look closely enough you can still see the red hot areas.
The ash forms quickly on the smaller twigs and this is why we had to continuously load the mini moxham on this particular feed stock.

No rest for the wicked.

Red hot char mini moxham styleHere is a close up of the red hot biochar.


Organic Farmer uses Mini Moxham to make Biochar.

Life aint nothing but a funny funny riddle Biochar

Most organic farmers will rather make the biochar on farm as it is already a resource they have to work with. So the mini moxham is a perfect size for a afternoons clean up. It is safe on hot days and works like a charm. All you have to do is feed observe and quench.

Organic farmer Gillian
Organic Farmer Gillian is quenching the biochar with a garden hose to make sure it does not flare up and turn to ash while we are not looking.

500 litres of biochar

Pretty good day had by all. We learned a few things about the mini moxham and made heaps of biochar. Organic farmer Paul decide to keep the mini moxham so he can cover his entire lemon myrtle plantation with biochar.

well over 500 litres of Biochar

Five hundred litres of Biochar was made in just under 4 hours from a resource that was burnt in a burn pile previously.
You can make your own Biochar or Buy Biochar from Biochar Project kunghur NSW Australia.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke.

Kunghur NSW Australia.


Biochar shows Uki, Barkers Vale and Nimbin 2011

Hey folks,

Come and check out my Biochar tent at the following three shows this September.

Uki public school eco day is Saturday 11th September 2011

Barkers vale school eco day is Saturday 18th September 2011

Nimbin show is Saturday and Sunday 24th & 25th September 2011

I will be demonstrating how to make biochar
Talking about Biochar and selling biochar products including the champion Tluds.

So put these dates in your diary.

Thank you

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Nature our saviour

Biochar Action Learning Circle Another world first.

World First Biochar action learning circle happened in Blue Knob Hall just outside of Nimbin, NSW Australia on Saturday 23rd of July 2011. This successful event marks a mile stone  in the development of biochar industries and learning.

Blue Knob Hall Biochar Action Learning Circle world first.

Blue Knob Hall Biochar Action Learning Circle world first.

The Blue Knob Hall is no stranger to hosting special events and leading the community in sustainable practices. They have a farmers market every saturday with a special community knowledge talk to empower folks.  If you look closely in the above photo you will see sustainable concepts in practice. Solar Panels, Compost toilets, Multi purpose building etc. Its no surprise as  Nimbin the closest town has been on the cutting edge of sustainabillity since the word was invented in 1972. 😛

Dr Paul Wildman Explains Biochar Learning Circle

Dr Paul Wildman Explains Biochar Learning Circle

Dr Paul Wildman PhD, The main developer of

Biochar Action Learning Circle

has been working with the circles concept for well over 15 years.He is involved in a circle that is still running for over 10 years this year.

Circle learning has been happening for as long as mankind has been around, from ancient tribes right up to today’s highly educated scholars. In Australia however this intrinsically important concept has been erased from our society by the one size fits all Edumickation system.

explaining biochar action learning circle

explaining biochar action learning circle

According to a recent study, statistics show, that joining a meaningful group that meets just once a month produces the same happiness gain as doubling your income.

(New York Times David Brookes March 29 2010)
Source == Pgs8, 32, 168  from Friedman, H. and L. Martin (2011). The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study. London – printed in the US, Hudson Street Press.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke of Biochar Industries said ” by unleashing peoples potential for learning and making learning curves a thing of the past, people from all walks of life can now enjoy rapid knowledge expansion coupled with the joy of brotherhood”.

Charmaster Dolph pointed out that like everything to be sustainable Biochar has to be done right starting local i.e. low temp charcoal + from dead or purpose grown trees, off- cuts by council in clearing for roads and power-lines, domestic tree trimming and so forth.  Not munching or wood-chipping up old growth forests etc. Plus Biochar can come from all sources even people, cane toads etc.

Biochar also releases gasses that can drive a vehicle and heat that can be used to heat another retort so its efficiency multiplies – Amazon Indians millennia ago developed the multiple retort idea (they would build it on a hill with the gasses moving upwards.  Tim Flannery considers Biochar to be almost a ‘magic pudding’.   Further Biochar has enormous benefits in the agricultural industry and lasts for centuries if not more – this is hugely more efficient than use of the current crop of agro-petro-fertilizers.

So Biochar has multiple uses (from carbon sequestration, to heat source, to fuel source, to fertilizer and so forth)  that indigenous peoples have recognised for millennia inc. the Australian Aboriginal and as such we have much to learn from following their sustainability practices.

1st Biochar action learning circle

1st Biochar action learning circle

To try and explain how Biochar Action Learning Circles work would be an enormous task something a kin to trying to explain how a human mind works.
however I can tell you how it does not work and perhaps from this glimpse you could start to comprehend why it is so easy and so successful.

Biochar Action Learning Circles Do not.
Lecture /  Preach / Force / Reward / Punish / Fear / Compete / Expect / Require / Stress / Mark / Compare / Assess / Control.

It took me a long time to try and figure out just how it works and I was really not getting anywhere until I decided to not try and analyse it and just Do it.

Then the magic happened. Its all about Process rather than content. Lets say Process makes up 90% and Content makes up 10% Biochar Action Learning circles makes use of all the wonderful computing power that the homoSapien Mind has on offer then times that by up to 10.

Nature our saviour

To get more of an idea on Biochar Action Learning Circles and how you can use the Action learning circles in your chosen field of experience go to BLAC hosted on Biocharproject.org or ring the creator Dr Paul Wildman on 0412027818 or Skype phwildman.

The most impressive thing I have ever seen was at the end of the Circle when the group was asked who would like to continue to keep the group going all seven hands went straight up. That’s a 100% result folks.

Proof to me the world is surely changing for the better.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

A pic of the book biochar revolution

biochar learning circle debut. World first.

Biochar Learning Circle World’s first.

A biochar learning circle will be held on Saturday the 2nd of July 2011. We are looking for a central venue between Murwillumbah and Nimbin Northern NSW.

Stay tuned for the venue.

biochar Learning Circle logo

Learning Circles logo

Biochar Learning Circles has been created by Dr Paul Wildman, PhD. Extensive practical concepts compiled by Charmaster Dolph Cooke.

With text from the Australian Biochar Book by Dr Paul Taylor, PhD.

This scientifically tested method of learning will be the fastest way for you to integrate biochar and its benefits into your body of knowledge.

Learning circles go for a period of 6 – 12 weeks  with meetings weekly or fortnightly. This depends on the participants.

This very first Biochar Learning Circle will be offered at a discounted rate. $70.00 for the Book,DVD’s, Learning circle guide booklet, the facilitator.
$10.00 each time we meet to cover hall / facilitator travel etc.

What you get.

The Biochar Learning Circles manual booklet.

A dvd of Geoff Moxham’s last public workshop.

A dvd of the latest biochar workshop at Uki.

The Biochar Revolution Book.

Access to Biochar Industries Biochar education centre Kunghur.

Biochar learning circles facilitators Paul Wildman and Dolph Cooke.

At each session you will be integrating knowledge at your own speed. You will have the chance to ask questions / give advice / share insights with other like minded people. The friendly atmosphere and the life experience of the other participants will help you quickly comprehend what biochar is all about.

From beginner to world expert there are huge learning benefits for everyone.

Biochar is being hailed the world over for its many extraordinary benefits.
Climate change, Waste management, Alternative fuels, Agricultural inputs and many other cutting edge environmental aspects.

Please email your intentions to attend to dolph@biocharproject.org subject Biochar Learning Circles 1st event.

Biochar Industries Kunghur NSW is dedicated to making education easily accessible to everyone. Through our unique sustainable and holistic approach.
Our goal is to let the truth be known on all aspects of our Industry and to use education as a tool to better our planet.

Free publicity NIMBIN style…. :) Thank you.

The super switched on folks at the NIMBIN GOOD TIMES the local Paper in Nimbin. Have found out all about what we are doing in Kunghur and put us in the prime position in the environmental section.

The first I knew of it was when a friend said “Hey your Famous you made it in the Good Times” Wow I was blown away. Thank you NIMBIN.

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Charmaster Dolph