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On the 10th Day of the 10th Month of the 10th Year


Charmaster Dolph Cooke reporting for duty. This time with the largest quest ever attempted— To raise awareness for biochar and climate change. Where ? Mullumbimby Community Gardens. When ? Have you not been awake ? LOL

On the 10th Day of the 10th Month of the 10th Year Also know as 10-10-10.

You can help in many ways.

1. Come to the event.
2. Send the event to your network and let your friends tell their friends.
3. Support the event in anyway you can
4. Come down and display your enviromental warez
5. Come sell food, drinks or entertainment.
6. Join with me from anywhere in our world as we set an Intention to enliven the earth so she can look after us forever.

10-10-10 is world climate change action day and I am offering up a solution so we can get hands on and understand what needs to be done. Lets not leave it for our kids to work out lets show em what we’ve got.

1 ounce of action is worth 1 ton of theory.

Here is what I have said on the 350.org site.

We are going to make lots of biochar in many beginnerchar mk1 Biochar containers infact we are going to break and set a new world record for Biochar. Community gardens will benefit from all the biochar made and so will the community and planet. So come on get down and help out as we strengthen our community and teach everyone how to make biochar for themselves.

Fun for the whole family and of course Dolph Cooke’s famous Vegetarian Indian curry made from community garden produce picked on the day. Come and see how Mullumbimby is leading the seven local shires by their commitment to Community and the environment. Also we will be unveiling the new community composting toilets. Stay tuned for more events as more people offer up ideas and action to help climate change.

Join my action by signing up at any of the following links REMEMBER your action is worth a ton of theory so even just attending my event in your heart is like the tip of the iceburg POWERFUL STUFF.





Join us in spirit if your not living local.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Updating Soon

What is Biochar?

I have found this treasure whilst making my rounds on the site. So I have written it in as part of my blog so many more people can see this gem.

What is Bio Char ?

As far as I understand it it is the separation of the carbon from the rest of the wood by using an oxygen-less environment to cook the other parts out with.

Of course your left with charcoal with varying degrees of success depending on the system you use.

This charcoal has many positive properties and the one I work with is its ability to rejuvenate the planet.

Char char biochar

Biochar has been described as “the single most important initiative for humanity’s environmental future … it allows us to address food security, the fuel crisis, and the climate problem, all in an immensely practical manner.” Prof. Tim Flannery, Australian of the Year 2007


What is Biochar?

Biochar is charcoal produced by heating organic material at a high temperature in limited oxygen. It is a stable, aromatic product, very rich in carbon, used to lock carbon into the soil.

What are the benefits of Biochar?

Digging Biochar into the earth has been shown to improve water quality, increase soil fertility and raise agricultural productivity. It can

  • increase the water holding capacity of the soil
  • increase crop production
  • increase soil carbon levels
  • increase soil pH
  • decrease Aluminium toxicity
  • change the microbiology of the soil
  • decrease soil emissions of the greenhouse gases CO2, N2O and CH4
  • improve soil conditions for earthworm populations
  • improve fertiliser use efficiency

The effects of biochar will vary with soil type and the particular biochar used. Studies thus far have shown that the greatest positive effects of biochar applications have been in highly degraded, acidic or nutrient-depleted soils.

How is Biochar made?

Biochar can be produced from any organic material such as household green waste, paper waste or agricultural waste. It is made in a specially constructed incinerator that heats the organic material under pressure at temperatures above 430 °C The process, called pyrolysis, efficiently decomposes the bio matter, producing the biochar solid, a small amount of bio-oil and gases that can be use to create electricity. The production of Biochar is thus a carbon negative process overall.

How does Biochar help with cllimate change?

The burning of trees and agricultural waste contributes a large amount of the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere and is a significant factor in global warming. The production and use of biochar breaks into the CO2 cycle, releasing oxygen and drawing carbon from the atmosphere to hold it in the soil.

Stop Press Thanks Erich J. Knight

Not talked about in the list above are the climate and whole ecological implications of new , higher value, applications of chars.

the insitu remediation of a vast variety of toxic agents in soils and sediments.
Biochar Sorption of Contaminants; http://www.biorenew.iastate.edu/events/biochar2010/conference-agenda/agenda-overview/breakout-session-5/agriculture-forestry-soil-science-and-environment.html

Dr. Lima’s work;
Specialized Characterization Methods for Biochar
And at USDA; The Ultimate Trash To Treasure: *ARS Research Turns Poultry Waste into Toxin-grabbing Char

the uses as a feed ration for livestock to reduce GHG emissions and increase disease resistance.

Recent work by C. Steiner showing a 52% reduction of NH3 loss when char is used as a composting accelerator. This will have profound value added consequences for the commercial composting industry by reduction of their GHG emissions and the sale of compost as a nitrogen fertilizer.

Biochar allows the soil food web to build much more recalcitrant organic carbon, ( living biomass & Glomalins) in addition to the carbon in the biochar.

Every 1 ton of Biomass yields 1/3 ton Charcoal for soil Sequestration (= to 1 Ton CO2e) + Bio-Gas & Bio-oil fuels = to 1MWh exported electricity, so is a totally virtuous, carbon negative energy cycle.

Thank you Erich 

Biochar Test Plot in Mullumbimby Community Gardens

Hello Again Everyone Charmaster Dolph reporting for Duty. Today I had a chance meeting with Biochar Guru Rameshwar at the Mullumbimby Community Gardens.

Plot One Biochar Trial at Mullumbimby Community Gardens

Plain Earth Plot 1 Biochar Trial at Mullumbimby

A picture of Plot 2 at mullum community garden

Plot 2 1kg Biochar mixed into plain earth mullum community garden

I was going through Mullumbimby after our native American Moccasin Building lesson when I had a thought “I should go buy veggies at the mullum community Garden for a fresh lunch” So I pulled the big truck over and walked up to the gardens after I had time to select the best produce for Lunch none other than Rameshwar turned up on his bike and sat down and had lunch with me telling me all about the biochar Trial he has going.

picture of a biochar trial plot number 3

Plot number 3 Bio-dynamic fertilizer 500 added to plain earth

picture of a biochar test plot number 4

Test Plot number 4 Biochar + Bio-dynamic 500 fertilizer + plain earth

So after lunch we set up a tour of the plot and I created a short film explaining it for everyone to see.

We had a lot to talk about and catchup on but its great to see the new plans that are being turned into reality for biochar down in Mullumbimby.

I talked about doing a biochar workshop on site and we set together to plan it out. Later on the leader of the community garden movement informed me she has won a grant to showcase sustainability and would like my input into the biochar hall of fame.

We are going to talk about what we will need but already early ideas suggest several biochar kilns and a big shed for drying the wood.

Wow talk about progressive if any Australian Community wants a hand to setup or even understand Biochar give me a Hoy.

Charmaster Dolph Over and Out.


Mullumbimby Community Garden and the biochar pod

What a beutiful day it has turned out to be as I choofed off on my honda postie bike for the 30 minute journey South to the Mullumbimby Community Garden and the biochar pod they have set up there.

The first suprise I got was the little lane that precedes the entrance to the community garden was full of people as the Markets were on. I felt like I was in some asian country where people and motorbikes dodge each other.

Once inside I met up with some really nice friends whom all tried to side track me from the real issue in some way shape or form but I was there really for one reason which was BIOCHAR and its implementation into our future.

Here are some really nice shots I took and I have video footage that is being rendered by a friend so it should be up soon.

I found out by talking to the head of the pod Rameshwar that the kiln you see below is part of the reminants of the late Geoff Moxam’s project 540 so I was delighted to know geoff had a big following.

Some more shots of the garden a quick trip to the compost toilet and off I went on my journey back home. The whole day took about 4 hours.

Here is the link to the Mullumbimby Community Garden Biochar pod pages wow what a mouthful.