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a big holw with wood and a crane near it

Biochar Pit Kiln Idea for Robert of Brenham Texas USA

Biochar Project is dedicated to creating a biochar industry and what better way than to help people understand biochar. Here is a request I received on my comments page which has sparked this post. Thankyou Robert.

Greetings from Brenham Texas USA:

Any suggestions for converting an old BarBQ pit to a kiln? It is brick,
6.5 ft by 4 ft by 2.5 ft tall. The pit will hold 32 cu yds of mass. Before learning about biochar I used it to burn yard trash. Can’t do that now. We are under a burn ban because of the drought Don,t want to set the county on fire nor make the sheriff unhappy. Thanks for your work and time.

Ok this one is a nice easy one. In Australia we have a pioneer Charmistress here name is Karen Siepen and she works with pit kilns on a larger scale.

a big holw with wood and a crane near it

Here is one of Karen's Pits

I read about her in the Biochar Book called Biochar revolution by Australian Paul Taylor PhD. Her website is http://www.rcra.com.au .

So basically all you need to do is cover your pit with roofing iron we call it corrugated iron and allow a chimney or vent at one end to draw the smoke out and a vent at the other end to let the air in.

Step 1 Have your load of wood ready on your wheel barrow or tip truck whatever the scale your using and have it parked close by

Step 2 is to start a pre-burn.  A pre-burn is a thin covering of solid timber on the bottom of the pit which is set alight and allowed to reduce to glowing coals.

Step 3 Dump the load of wood on top of the coals.

Step 4 Cover the pit with roofing iron and allow gaps at either end for air to be drawn into the fire. The air will be drawn down to the level of the coals and then will escape out the other side.

Step 5 Is to seal any gaps with sand or dirt and only allow the 2 gaps you made to remain.

Step 6 once the main load of wood is charred the pit will have more room at this point you can add more wood and continue the process until the pit is full of charcoal.

Once you have had enough Fire goodness for one day you can use water to dowse the embers and cover completely so no air gets in. Next day shovel it all out. : )

Hope this helps

Charmaster Dolph Cooke



Biochar Learning Circles Launched by Biochar Industries

What a great day for a new paradigm shift. Today at a closed meeting of the core group of BiocharIndustries it was announced that project Biochar Learning Circles was complete and ready for active duty.

Dr Paul Wildman PhD has put in many hours of effort coupled with many years of industry experience together with Dr Paul Taylor PhD (editor of the new Biochar book called The Biochar Revolution) to create a truly new pathway to learning that Paul Wildman says  will revolutionise the way people grasp the new information coming out of the Biochar Industry.

Dolph Cooke (Founder of Biochar Industries) was quoted “This indeed resonates with the Dream’s and Goals of Biochar Industries. I am both proud and excited  to be apart of changing the way people learn. Thank You Dr Paul Wildman your incredible foresight and wisdom has produced a diamond in the crown of Biochar Industries.

Biochar Industries will announce shortly the first Biochar Learning Circle event which will be based in and around the Tweed Shire NSW Australia.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke