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Biochar grinder – We call it the Carbonator…

Biochar grinder the carbonator

Biochar grinder, biochar crusher, biochar  pulveriser what ever you want to call it we now have a fantastic unit. We call it the carbonator like Arnold Schwarzenegger this beast is unstoppable when it comes to grinding charcoal into biochar. Heck it even says when I switch it off for the night “Ill be Black” . Biochar […]

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How to crush charcoal into biochar is the question

biochar crush charcoal grind biochar project

How to crush charcoal into biochar? This is a question I get asked a lot and today I have another peice of the puzzle for you. How to crush charcoal into biochar in commercial quantities. Lets start back in the days when I first learned about biochar. I will admit that this is not the […]

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