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Biochar grinder the carbonator

Biochar grinder – We call it the Carbonator…

Biochar grinder, biochar crusher, biochar  pulveriser what ever you want to call it we now have a fantastic unit. We call it the carbonator like Arnold Schwarzenegger this beast is unstoppable when it comes to grinding charcoal into biochar. Heck it even says when I switch it off for the night “Ill be Black” .

Biochar grinder. The Carbonator.

Biochar grinder the carbonator

If you remember back a few hundred blog post I wrote about Biochar crushing and how to do it. This post will refresh your memories.

Those were the days when our only concern was how to economically and easily grind biochar. We aimed our info at the home users and we had plenty of feed back from you guys on how you did it. Of course we share everything Biochar.

The story begins on the 1st of February 2014. The biochar project had just realised a 2011 goal called Biochar Industries.
Biochar Industries is a community owned commercial biochar organisation whose goal is to spread the word “Biochar” by making it available to everyone at a greatly reduced price. Well we started our organisation and our 1st customer says I would like 1 cubic meter of Biochar Thanks.

 Biochar for sale on the biochar industries website.

Awesome of we go we spend a few days collecting fallen trees and processing them into smaller sizes for the Moxham. Then we spent all day and all night adding the wood to the moxham in a very controlled manner. The next day we quench the char and spread it out to cool down.

Our nightmare began when we finally realised our old crusher could only do 2 70 litre bags of biochar per hour. Oh boy this was going to be a long week.

Biochar grinder corn crakker the little one

I persisted and after about 8 1 hour stints on the old biochar grinder. I was nearly there. Don’t get me wrong I love the old grinder it gives you plenty of time to meditate whilst working. It is very fuel efficient 1 tank of diesel lasted me 1 month. But if I got another customer with the same request I would have my self a bottle neck the size of china’s highway.

So a few friends lobbed and said they could help me get my project “Hammer Mill” going to alleviate the biochar grinding bottleneck. We got right into it and within a half day we had the unit measured, cut and fitted to its new base. This was going to be the bees knees. We did not have a suitable welder to weld this project up so we decided to leave it to next weekend.

Biochar grinder the hammermill

Well on Tuesday I get a surprise visit from Jimbo and on the back of his ute is the “Carbonator”. I had plumb forgot he had a biochar grinder for me. Well all day we played around with it as it was powered by 3 phase electricity and we do not have that capability in the char yard. So we figured we could get it to run of a tractors PTO drive. Finally we had it working and out came the stop watches to time how fast Carbonator could grind biochar. Yep you guessed it. 2 70 litre bags in 4 minutes that my friends is the end of the bottle neck.

I got some great comments from F.Michael the one I am most attracted to is ” Better get a guard in place on that beast”.

So once again Charmaster Dolph Cooke has come through with the goods on how to crush biochar with this biochar grinder.
For a small donation your welcome to bring your biochar over and crush it.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke.


biochar crush charcoal grind biochar project

How to crush charcoal into biochar is the question

How to crush charcoal into biochar? This is a question I get asked a lot and today I have another peice of the puzzle for you. How to crush charcoal into biochar in commercial quantities.

biochar crush discovery look what I found

biochar crush discovery look what I found

Lets start back in the days when I first learned about biochar. I will admit that this is not the first thing that you retain after a biochar demonstration. Usually it how to light the fire or how to make a simple retort.  I am guilty of having charcoal chuncks the size of a golf ball in my first biochar test plot. I did not learn until much later that size does matter.

One expert in biochar told me that 1 cm square of charcoal has the same surface area as a football field and it would take the precious microbe all its life to travel from one side to the other.

charcoal grinding wheels this baby is heavy

charcoal grinding wheels this baby is heavy

Another expert told me that biochar should be charcoal smaller than 2 mm so the worms can swallow it. Wow what to believe? So I purchased a microscope and spent a bit of time researching for myself.

The conclusion Size does matter the smaller the better. Most of my charcoal comes out big really big so this brings us back to the question once again.

biochar crush fliped over biochar project kunghur

biochar crush fliped over biochar project kunghur

How to crush charcoal into biochar?

Well I can tell you the ways that do not work so well and then introduce you to my newest project.

Mulchers / Chippers / Lawn mowers all have problems with uniformity. Grinders / mortar and pestle / smashing devices all have problems with quantities. Without spending too much cash there must be a way to do it easily.

Anyone out there with the answer please comment and let us know. Remember it has to be as cheap as possible.

My bush mechanic training has served me well and for this project I used these concepts. Repair / Rescue / Reuse / Refashion and Rebuild.

It all happened 2 days ago as I was taking a shortcut to the local shops on my postie bike through the property. As I began to break for the big hill I saw something out the corner of my eye and thought I better have a look. My brain said do not do it the shop will be closed in 30 mins.

So I went back and had a look and discovered what I thought was the perfect charcoal crushing device. I still made it to the shops on time.

Today I spent 2 hours resuing it from the clutches of the bush and depositing it out front of the biochar Industries Head Quarters.

biochar crush charcoal grind biochar project

biochar crush charcoal grind biochar project

New Project while the mercury retrograde is on? Says my Astrologist. Of course not I say you will just have to wait 10 days before i start a new project. Have a sneak preview and try and work out what i am about to do.

Charmaster Dolph


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