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Biochar Industries Easter Gift to the world char

Biochar Easter Happiness from Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Dear Charians,

I have been racking my brain on just how I could make THE AUSTRALIAN EASTER HOLIDAY into fun the whole family can enjoy without Charring anything. Well Finally I have found the answer just for you so you can see I do really think outside the box.

It all started with a idea that popped into my head as I was driving from the Biochar Industries HQ in Kunghur to Tweed Heads.

Along the road at about Bray park is a giant white egg that some outside the box thinker has created to keep water healthy. See the photo.

water egg storage tank nothing to do with Biochar except the outside of the box thinking

water egg storage tank nothing to do with Biochar except the outside of the box thinking

So I had this thought how good would it be to make this into an Easter egg.
Everyone knows the symbolic link between Easter and the Egg right ? No Ok I will teach you.

Easter is a special time when the Easter Bunny travels the land and hands out all the eggs he has laid to people for them to enjoy this freakish event.

But wait a minute I hear you say Bunnies don’t lay eggs. Ahh but at this special time they do and they are not chicken eggs they are bunny eggs because they are made out of chocolate. (Very Special time indeed).

I think this all came about when Man started to manipulate nature with a science called GM or genetically Modifying and the period of this discovery is called the KA CHING period of the Capitalism ages.

OOPPS back to the idea so Easter was almost upon us and I still did not have a gift for all the Biochar enthusiasts out there. That was until I remembered my Idea just as we were passing the giant egg.

BOOM this is what happened NEXT….

Biochar Industries Easter Gift to the world char

Biochar Industries Easter Gift to the world char


Charmaster Dolph and the entire Biochar Industries team.

Dear children I just wanted to say I really did not grafiti the egg and if I am to be a role model to you I would rather you burn something than grafitti it OK : )



Biochar Fun Video from all the zany folks at Biochar Industries. Enjoy

Well here is something to make you Think / Laugh I have just compiled a Little Video (2.2megs) and uploaded it to utube.
Its about Biochar making, Biochar Industries at Kunghur Australia, Biochar Kilns, Biochar for sale, Biochar for breakfast,
Biochar as a fashion, Biochar gasification, Biochar instructions, Biochar presentations, Biochar Innoculation, Biochar conditioning.


And all the people who do it haveing crazy kinds of fun.


Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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On the 10th Day of the 10th Month of the 10th Year


Charmaster Dolph Cooke reporting for duty. This time with the largest quest ever attempted— To raise awareness for biochar and climate change. Where ? Mullumbimby Community Gardens. When ? Have you not been awake ? LOL

On the 10th Day of the 10th Month of the 10th Year Also know as 10-10-10.

You can help in many ways.

1. Come to the event.
2. Send the event to your network and let your friends tell their friends.
3. Support the event in anyway you can
4. Come down and display your enviromental warez
5. Come sell food, drinks or entertainment.
6. Join with me from anywhere in our world as we set an Intention to enliven the earth so she can look after us forever.

10-10-10 is world climate change action day and I am offering up a solution so we can get hands on and understand what needs to be done. Lets not leave it for our kids to work out lets show em what we’ve got.

1 ounce of action is worth 1 ton of theory.

Here is what I have said on the 350.org site.

We are going to make lots of biochar in many beginnerchar mk1 Biochar containers infact we are going to break and set a new world record for Biochar. Community gardens will benefit from all the biochar made and so will the community and planet. So come on get down and help out as we strengthen our community and teach everyone how to make biochar for themselves.

Fun for the whole family and of course Dolph Cooke’s famous Vegetarian Indian curry made from community garden produce picked on the day. Come and see how Mullumbimby is leading the seven local shires by their commitment to Community and the environment. Also we will be unveiling the new community composting toilets. Stay tuned for more events as more people offer up ideas and action to help climate change.

Join my action by signing up at any of the following links REMEMBER your action is worth a ton of theory so even just attending my event in your heart is like the tip of the iceburg POWERFUL STUFF.





Join us in spirit if your not living local.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Updating Soon