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Working hard to make a living!!!!

I think Jimmy Barnes said it best when he said “Working Hard to make a living building shelter from the rain a fathers son left to carry on blue denim in his veins” as part of the song working class man.

rand0269.jpg Making Shelters from the rain

allow me to put a new spin on it. Working hard to make my 1st kiln, building blocks are a pain, a visionary with a dream working alone with biochar in his veins Oh oh oh oh hes a planet guardian man.

The adam retort is an award winning design, to bring clean charcoal to a village scale for our brothers and sisters who still only cook with wood. One of its exciting features is it can be built from reused material, this feature alone is a great one for the planet yet the features keep stacking up from this brilliant design. Let us remember our kin whom get sick and die from the gases of burning wood inside thier homes, just to make the family meals. If we can make charcoal cleanly and cheaply available for villages then we have helped them not get sick.

Paul Taylor PhD below showing Biochar at World Enviroment Day 2010


So how did we get an adam retort? Paul Taylor PhD of Biochar Solutions and the creator of www.biocharrevolution.com Has commisioned BiocharIndustries First official project for the Biochar Education Centre in Kunghur Northern NSW.

So Here I am working hard to make my first kiln : )

Finding materials


Unloading Materials


Stay tuned for the next installment of Biochar Industries Adam Retort Project.

Charmaster Dolph

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