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Biochar in Brisbane with Dr Paul Wildman

Biochar in Brisbane, Queensland. BOGI with Dr Wildman

Biochar in Brisbane thanks to Dr Paul Wildman, Bush Mechanic and Apprentice Charmaster.

Biochar in Brisbane thanks to Bogi

On September the 4th 2014. At Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. I had the pleasure of watching a fantastic presentation on Biochar. In a room filled with well over 250 people Dr Paul Wildman gave a riveting address. Why was I so excited about this presentation ?

Biochar in Brisbane

Dr Paul Wildman has worked with me almost since the beginning of my Biochar career. A well educated and articulated man who holds several Philosophical Doctorates or ( PhD’s for short ) and has etched out a career at the highest echelons of education. A man who is so passionate about proper education he dragged me kicking and screaming into the wide world of Adult learning and Action Learning circles.  Fast forward several years and a United Nations Millennium Award under our Belts and we were making history again.

Biochar in Brisbane with Dr Paul Wildman

Paul Wildman was now about to enthuse a crowded house of avid gardeners about the magic of Biochar. Grass roots style.

Biochar In Brisbane is where its at. Thanks to BOGI our Barefoot Biochar is now on Sale in Brisbane.

This was the description for the Night.

Brisbane biochar sales through Bogi

Paul, is a local and he will discuss a particular local innovation in Biochar retort making ~ from discarded Gasbottles. This model is called a Stumpy TLUD.  Further Paul will background Biochar and outline various applications of Biochar such as Medicine, Health, Africa ‘cooking for the people’ (Zimbabwe), hydroponics, plant research and so forth.  Please note the presenter does not claim to be an expert in the Science of Biochar – for this he will be ably assisted by Dr Phil Vardy of BOGI fame.  Rather his interests are in the social aspects of Biochar esp. spreading its message called ‘diffusion’ in innovation theory (localised, open source and peer to peer), in this instance through Learning Circles.  So a key part of this presentation will be in the educational/Adult Ed aspect of Biochar as well as the Biochar itself and to this end he has developed and applied Biochar Action Learning Circles as well as an eZine CRAFT of which the first issue was wholly devoted to Biochar http://crafters-circle.com/archive2011/ .    At the end of his talk Paul will link this to building local self-sufficiency through Biochar (however if there is any interest this is another topic).  The emphasis will be on visual practicality not abstract diagrams so there will be heaps of pickies about Biochar – the star of the evening.  With Questions we anticipate about an hour and a bit for the whole show.

Brisbane biochar with Rassele and Dr Paul

The world famous Stumpy TLUD was demonstrated for the gardeners to gain a full understanding of the many benefits of this gassifier has to offer. Brisbane gardeners were really excited to see a biochar maker that was so practical and affordable. Much of the attention was due to the fact that this stumpy was now being offered for the people in Zimbabwe with Rassell being the man on the ground in Africa.

Biochar in Brisbane



Dr Paul Wildman with Dr Phil Vardy, Rassell and a small helping hand from Charmaster Dolph Cooke made sure all questions were answered in a concise  and easily understandable way for the benefit of everyone.

A very Memorable occasion and a great day for Barefoot Biochar as all stocks were depleted upon the finish of the show.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

Nature our saviour

Biochar Action Learning Circle Another world first.

World First Biochar action learning circle happened in Blue Knob Hall just outside of Nimbin, NSW Australia on Saturday 23rd of July 2011. This successful event marks a mile stone  in the development of biochar industries and learning.

Blue Knob Hall Biochar Action Learning Circle world first.

Blue Knob Hall Biochar Action Learning Circle world first.

The Blue Knob Hall is no stranger to hosting special events and leading the community in sustainable practices. They have a farmers market every saturday with a special community knowledge talk to empower folks.  If you look closely in the above photo you will see sustainable concepts in practice. Solar Panels, Compost toilets, Multi purpose building etc. Its no surprise as  Nimbin the closest town has been on the cutting edge of sustainabillity since the word was invented in 1972. 😛

Dr Paul Wildman Explains Biochar Learning Circle

Dr Paul Wildman Explains Biochar Learning Circle

Dr Paul Wildman PhD, The main developer of

Biochar Action Learning Circle

has been working with the circles concept for well over 15 years.He is involved in a circle that is still running for over 10 years this year.

Circle learning has been happening for as long as mankind has been around, from ancient tribes right up to today’s highly educated scholars. In Australia however this intrinsically important concept has been erased from our society by the one size fits all Edumickation system.

explaining biochar action learning circle

explaining biochar action learning circle

According to a recent study, statistics show, that joining a meaningful group that meets just once a month produces the same happiness gain as doubling your income.

(New York Times David Brookes March 29 2010)
Source == Pgs8, 32, 168  from Friedman, H. and L. Martin (2011). The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study. London – printed in the US, Hudson Street Press.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke of Biochar Industries said ” by unleashing peoples potential for learning and making learning curves a thing of the past, people from all walks of life can now enjoy rapid knowledge expansion coupled with the joy of brotherhood”.

Charmaster Dolph pointed out that like everything to be sustainable Biochar has to be done right starting local i.e. low temp charcoal + from dead or purpose grown trees, off- cuts by council in clearing for roads and power-lines, domestic tree trimming and so forth.  Not munching or wood-chipping up old growth forests etc. Plus Biochar can come from all sources even people, cane toads etc.

Biochar also releases gasses that can drive a vehicle and heat that can be used to heat another retort so its efficiency multiplies – Amazon Indians millennia ago developed the multiple retort idea (they would build it on a hill with the gasses moving upwards.  Tim Flannery considers Biochar to be almost a ‘magic pudding’.   Further Biochar has enormous benefits in the agricultural industry and lasts for centuries if not more – this is hugely more efficient than use of the current crop of agro-petro-fertilizers.

So Biochar has multiple uses (from carbon sequestration, to heat source, to fuel source, to fertilizer and so forth)  that indigenous peoples have recognised for millennia inc. the Australian Aboriginal and as such we have much to learn from following their sustainability practices.

1st Biochar action learning circle

1st Biochar action learning circle

To try and explain how Biochar Action Learning Circles work would be an enormous task something a kin to trying to explain how a human mind works.
however I can tell you how it does not work and perhaps from this glimpse you could start to comprehend why it is so easy and so successful.

Biochar Action Learning Circles Do not.
Lecture /  Preach / Force / Reward / Punish / Fear / Compete / Expect / Require / Stress / Mark / Compare / Assess / Control.

It took me a long time to try and figure out just how it works and I was really not getting anywhere until I decided to not try and analyse it and just Do it.

Then the magic happened. Its all about Process rather than content. Lets say Process makes up 90% and Content makes up 10% Biochar Action Learning circles makes use of all the wonderful computing power that the homoSapien Mind has on offer then times that by up to 10.

Nature our saviour

To get more of an idea on Biochar Action Learning Circles and how you can use the Action learning circles in your chosen field of experience go to BLAC hosted on Biocharproject.org or ring the creator Dr Paul Wildman on 0412027818 or Skype phwildman.

The most impressive thing I have ever seen was at the end of the Circle when the group was asked who would like to continue to keep the group going all seven hands went straight up. That’s a 100% result folks.

Proof to me the world is surely changing for the better.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke


Biochar Learning Circles Launched by Biochar Industries

What a great day for a new paradigm shift. Today at a closed meeting of the core group of BiocharIndustries it was announced that project Biochar Learning Circles was complete and ready for active duty.

Dr Paul Wildman PhD has put in many hours of effort coupled with many years of industry experience together with Dr Paul Taylor PhD (editor of the new Biochar book called The Biochar Revolution) to create a truly new pathway to learning that Paul Wildman says  will revolutionise the way people grasp the new information coming out of the Biochar Industry.

Dolph Cooke (Founder of Biochar Industries) was quoted “This indeed resonates with the Dream’s and Goals of Biochar Industries. I am both proud and excited  to be apart of changing the way people learn. Thank You Dr Paul Wildman your incredible foresight and wisdom has produced a diamond in the crown of Biochar Industries.

Biochar Industries will announce shortly the first Biochar Learning Circle event which will be based in and around the Tweed Shire NSW Australia.

Charmaster Dolph Cooke


Kunghur Group on Virge of commercial reality. Kunghur Group aka Biochar Industries.

Today I picked up the local paper and smack bang on the second page is a big article about Biochar. How wonderful we are really making waves now and I am glad to say what I have been working on namely Biocharindustries was also given a mention a somewhat obscure one at that.

I know my readers, all the volunteers and the core team all know what is meant when they say “The Kunghur Group” so having a mention this big in such an esteemed publication is exciting. However it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Kunghur Group on Virge of commercial reality. Kunghur Group aka Biochar Industries.

Kunghur a very beautiful village in the west of the tweed shire is home to Biochar Industries ( website ) and Biocharproject.org (website ) which together represents the combined efforts of Dolph Cooke and his late mentor Geoff Moxham’s ( website ) passion for Biochar, Fire and all things natural.

Dolph Cooke says ” Geoff has left a honorable legacy behind and I am one of many who have picked up where he left off both in terms of looking after Humanity and (y)Our planet.”

The concept “(y)Our ” is an all encompassing way to describe what is collectively Ours Thank you Dr Paul Wildman for showing me this concept.

To see the Article in its entirity you will need to follow this link to the Tweed Shire Echo’s Website.

Also in the news locally here is Dr Paul Taylor whom is working with BiocharIndustries and has written an Authoritive book on Biochar called The Biochar Revolution. To see the article click here. ( website )

Thanks to everyone

Charmaster Dolph Cooke

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Castle on the Hill Biochar Event.Sunday April 3 2011

Biochar; Transforming agriculture and the Environment

Workshop with:

Paul Taylor

  • The Biochar Revolution – what is Biochar, its importance to the environment, the new natural soil activator and fertiliser
  • Biochar Demonstration: Two-barrel backyard biochar maker


Paul Wildman

  • Local Economic Self Sufficiency –

 Putting Biochar in the context of a resilient community economy.


Where: Castle on the Hill, 90 Bonny Doon Road. Uki, NSW

Time: 1 pm – 5.30 pm, Sunday April 3

Cost: $35

Booking: 0266 795442 – irene@castleonhill.com

Please tell all your friends

Charmaster Dolph