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Working hard to make a living!!!!

I think Jimmy Barnes said it best when he said “Working Hard to make a living building shelter from the rain a fathers son left to carry on blue denim in his veins” as part of the song working class man. Making Shelters from the rain allow me to put a new spin on it. […]

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Biochar Industries Newsletter #1

I was in the middle of watching a Harry Potter movie when Dolph rang me, full of his usual zany enthusiasm, and bubbling with delight over the latest progress in the Biochar Project. (I’ll tell you about that in a minute.) I got off the phone thinking, “How the hell does he do that? He […]

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Biochar Crusader Rhetoric by Erich

OK , Since you are a Crusader now, you must have some crusade rhetoric; Agriculture allowed our cultural accent and Agriculture will now prevent our descent. Wise Land management; Organic farming and afforestation can build back our soil carbon, Biochar allows the soil food web to build much more recalcitrant organic carbon, ( living biomass […]

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Uki Saw Mill a Biocharians dream come true

Wood Pile from UKI saw mill

UKI SAW MILL Today a friend and I went on a MAN tour of our local sawmill. It was such a great place. Some of the fattest logs I have ever seen where getting cut in half by the biggest saw blade I had ever seen. This place is fantastic from more than one perspective. […]

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