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Biochar Action Learning Circle Another world first.

World First Biochar action learning circle happened in Blue Knob Hall just outside of Nimbin, NSW Australia on Saturday 23rd of July 2011. This successful event marks a mile stone  in the development of biochar industries and learning. The Blue Knob Hall is no stranger to hosting special events and leading the community in sustainable […]

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biochar with permaculture in Nimbin

wadzies explosion

Yesterday I attended the open day for  Djanbung Gardens Permaculture . It was a fantastic day filled with fun, knowledge and excellent people. The rain stayed mostly away and the food was plentyful. Conan gave a workshop on how a biochar gasifier works. Then he demonstrated all the aspects of it so everyone could be […]

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biochar project in Texas, USA

Greetings from Brenham Texas: Still hot and dry in Texas. We need a small storm. Thought I would talk about my introduction to biochar. I planted a garden in hopes of raising some food. I’m a 80 yr. old retired teacher. Well to make a short story long very little of what I planted came […]

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