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The begginer char MK I cooled after a night in the rain BLISS

Another great load of Char: Charmasters Log

Today is a wonderful day. At last the rain has stopped and the sun is shining brightly I am happy and content as I make my way down to the front paddock where my latest barrel of Bio-char is awaiting my inspection.

The begginer char MK I cooled after a night in the rain BLISS The beginner char Mk I has been sitting in the rain for the last 2 days so she is well and truly cool now. I noticed that the fire I had constructed under her had burnt very evenly so I was expecting a great result.

You can always tell if this model has done its job properly for when you lift it up it will be much lighter than when you laid it down.

In this picture you can see the three parts to the Beginner Char Mk I A. the Lid B. The Ring and C. the barrel. This barrel has done 3 burns and the ring and lid has done 17 burns.  Burns = Loads.

This is looking inside the beginner char MkI after it has cooled and you can see the charcoal inside about 1/3 of a drum

So how was the Char in a word SWEEEEET. Hahah I love pyrolyzing things.

Lets get a better look at the char

Hows my Formatting style SWEET or WHAT ?


biocharproject history burn of a beginner char mk1

History of biocharproject.org

Biocharproject history

This site is a direct result of the passionate teaching of my mentor the late Geoff Moxham. He imparted to me two valuable attributes one was “be passionate about it” the other was “Suck it and see” To see what legacy he has left to the biochar world please visit his site which is being maintained by donations.


My niche is empowerment. I will relentlessly pursue the adoption of biochar for the good of all mankind.

Dolph Cooke

Update over 1 year has past now and if you quickly look over my site you will see I have had some biocharproject fun. I never dremt that I would one day be involved in createing a biochar industry or I would be instramental in developing a new learning concept. Time has flown and I just keep getting more passionate about biochar. Lets see where all this leads will update again in another year. History